10 Stay At Home Career Suggestions For Those Working From Home

Working From Home? Things To Watch Out For

Working from home used to be a matter of searching the weekend classifieds – but no more. The explosion of work from home opportunities has left many of us scratching our heads in confusion and overwhelmed with possibilities.

With the increase in stay at home opportunities has come the increase in scams. It is estimated that for every real job opportunity there are 57 scams – they are not good odds for the stay at home job seeker. There's no shortage of people who dream of beating the odds and earning a living from home.

There are many people who want to supplement or earn an income from home, and there are a host of reasons as to why. Before you click and take the next step to your stay at home career, here are a few tips as to the most popular and the reasons why you may want to pursue them.

10 good stay-at-home careers

1.    Virtual assistant.
2.    Medical transcriptionist.
3.    Translator.
4.    Web developer/designer.
5.    Call center representative.
6.    Tech support specialist.
7.    Travel agent.
8.    Teacher.
9.    Writer/editor.
10.    Franchise owner.

Before you jump into the stay at home market there are things your should consider. Are you a people person? Do you love the interaction and social life of an office? If so then working from home may not be for you. You need to be motivated, self disciplined and independent to succeed working from home.

Telecommunting is a growing interest for employers as it reduces overheads, allows emplyees to be part of an organisation from different locations – even globally – and can help retain employees by offering a work from home option.

Virtual assistant
This role has a huge amount of scope – you can offer what you know how to do. No matter what your field, you can work for a company who makes you available to employees while you wiork from home. Check out the International Virtual Asistants association for more details.

Medical transcriptionist
This work involves listening to and typing up dictation from doctors, which is harder than it sounds. You will deal with accents, poor grammar, chewing gum while speaking and even doctors who eat and speak at the same time. But the work can also be interesting and you can expect to earn between $10 and $20 for accurate transcripts.  
Fluent in more than one language? Companies who need accurate translators who have the skill to translate not only word for word but with a feel for cultural differences will not be held back by geographic location. This can be an ideal way to earn money from home.

Web developer/designer
If youhave a flair for the creaticve and an understanding of how to develop web sites you can become a web developer from home. These folk are in high demand and growing every week as the online revolution takes hold. Working for someone else or working for yourself can be an ideal way to earn money from home as there are no geographic boundaries online.

Call center representative
This is a huge groeing industry. With the advances in technology a call centre operator is just as likely to be in a home office taking your call than sitting in an office cubicle. If you take this route be sure to make sure how you are paid – sometimes its y the monute on a call ather than by the hour waiting for the phone to ring.

Tech support specialist
Are you a computer whiz? Call centres for tech support are easily transferable to a home office environment. Computer support specialists and technical advisors are in high demand and can be a great option to work from home.  Once again be sure that you are paid by the hour rather than by the minute spent speaking on the phone.

Travel agent
This is an industry which is rife with scams – so be sure to do your homework. One in particular to be wary of is companies which charge you for information on how to break into the field. In saying that though, a home based travel agency can be an excellent way to work from home as well as help other people enjoy their holidays. Having a solid business plan and focus will help you create a profitable and successful travel site.

Theere is a growing interest in the opportunities for students to leann virtually. Removing the geographic boundaries again, distance learning is becoming increasingly popyular. With this movement comes the opportunity for virtual teachers – and advanced internet speeds, advanced techniology brings plenty of opportunites for those who love to teach. If you are looking for a resource centre look to geteducated.com

With the online revolution there is more call than ever before for writers who blog or generate online content. This can be a lucrative business for those who seek to work from home and are able to create quality content for the internet. Look for blogging opportunites for others or start your own!

Franchise Owner
Look for ready made businesses which are reputable. Its important to do your homework with these as they are a scammers dream. A franchise typically comes with brand awareness, a proven business model and a territory.  

Scam Alert – What To Watch Out For Working From Home

When considering any at-home job, put up the scam-detection radar. Do your homework, talk to others in the industry if you can and always seek legal advice before starting any type of business – be it online or a more traditional bricks and mortar.

A few things to watch out for are:

  • The hirer is an established company. Check out that you can find them online, that you can easily contact them and they are forthcoming with any information.
  • The email address you reply to is not a “blind” email address.
  • You can contact an actual person and have your concerns or questions addressed.
  • Look into the benefits and vacation schemes in the contract of offer. Check out their policies carefully, seeking legal advice if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Is there an application and interview process? Watch out for companies who simply email you an offer.
  • What are your duties and the employers expectations – are they clearly outlined?

Good luck in your search for home based employment. With drive and determination you can become a highly profitable home based entrepeneaur.


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