Women That Men Adore

You Are Interested To Know What Type Of Women Men Are Attracted To And What Women That Men Adore!

Imagine being able to have the power to get a man to adore you. Or how about knowing how to get a man to adore AND crave you?

Women that men adore, confident, beautiful smile and healthy self esteem

Women that men adore, confident, beautiful smile and healthy self esteem

What we are about to reveal to you are ways for you to create a powerful attraction which will make any man you want become hooked on you in a big way. Use this with care, as once you do, the man will never want to be out of your life!

If you choose to continue reading you will find the top 10 mesmerizing tricks to get the man you want to crave and adore you…

10: Be Honest

No one likes deception, and it's a turn off to men if you can't be honest before the relationship is even serious.

BUT, what is even a bigger turn off if he wants to commit to you and you still can't be honest. (i.e. does want to have dates with you or is dating you already), as he will feel that you are not being serious and you are a time waster, and his trust is being abused.
 9. Problems

Do not be the female that seeks others to help solve her problems. Instead be a female that knows how to take care of herself and is able to stand on her own two feet, men find this very attractive.
 8. Do not hate yourself 

This is where women tend to make mistakes by telling a man their insecurities about all the parts she hates about her body.

When you tell him this he will be under the impression that you do not like yourself and he will become insecure about you too.
 He wants you to be confident about yourself and to like your body and other attributes as much as he does.

Remember that the more confident you are in yourself, the more confident he will be in you and thus the more he will adore you.
 7. Self Respect

There are women that do not appreciate when men do certain things around them and they will feel offended but they still put up with it.

To a man, this is self-disrespect, and is unattractive. Therefore it is important that you do not allow any one doing things to you that you do not like.

Set the boundaries and make sure to maintain them so he will feel that you are classy and a "high quality" woman.
 6. Goals Outside the Relationship 

He does appreciate that you do like him and you think the world of him, but this will also frighten him, as he does want you to be independent somewhat.

He wants you to be able to have goals outside of him and the relationship, because he wants you to be happy and wants you to pursue something completely unique to you as an individual.
 5. Listen To Him Without Judgment 

Instead of hearing him out and then arguing with him the next second on why he is wrong or how he is doing something incorrect…simply just listen and accept what he is saying.

Just as women need, men also do need to be heard or to be understood, so do not go about judging him if you really want him to crave and adore you.
 4. Do not be so dramatic

Every time that you encounter problems in your life the reaction is very dramatic, he will start to see you as immature and that you cannot handle things that happen in your life that good.

By taking responsibility without the drama for any problems that arise and not complain or whinge about them he will see that you have maturity.
 3. Understand Him 

Listening to him does NOT mean you understand him. What he is seeking is for you to really understand what he means, and for you to act upon his understanding.

So when he does ask for quiet time, or some space, do not start an argument with him because you start to think that possibly you have done something wrong, or that something has gone wrong, but more so give him the benefit of the doubt and allow the time alone.  

He will appreciate this and be more responsive toward you. So do remember if a man feels that he is understood by a woman, he will be mesmerized by her, as this means he need not have to always explain himself to her, therefore there is fewer misunderstandings or feelings getting hurt.
 2. Positive Approval

Rather than argue with him and notify him of his downfalls, it is better to talk more so of his positive attributes.

Do let him know that he is handsome, intelligent, useful, worthwhile, appreciated etc… as every person somewhere is always seeking approval as they want to be ACCEPTED.

So do go about making him feel that he is accepted and do let him know exactly what you do love about them, as this allows him to feel satisfied and at ease when they are around you.
 1. Do more and talk less 

If you do want to be truly adored and a man never wanting to leave you, then make sure that your ACTIONS do outweigh your words.

What this means is that when you say you are going to do something, follow through with it.

Also rather than dreaming of what could be, you go out there and get it as this will make both of you happy, and makes for a more successful relationship!

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