What Women Need To Know To Make Your Man Want You

The all feminine woman

The all feminine woman

We all want to know how to make your man want you that much more. Or if we are single we want to stand out so a man that you find you are attracted to will really want you. Or you have just met a man that you are really attracted too. Well good news is men can’t help themselves when it comes to loving women, all men want to love and they want to fall in love with a woman that they constant want and hunger for, as they are so attracted to her and just love her too bits as she has got what it takes to make him want her.

So what is it that will make your man want you more? We have that answers so read on and find out to get the man that will want you whether you are single or in a relationship.

A man will want you more when you have a cheerfulness about you …

That is you are able to laugh, are happy, and have that flirty giggle, when you have a cheerful disposition about you, men get attracted to this and want to be with you, just like moths are drawn to a light. When you are a person that is able to see the brighter side of life and you display a positive attitude, this is where it will light up your eyes and men are drawn to this and will want you more.

A man will want you more when you look after your appearance and have style and class…

Men get easily attracted to women that look after their appearance know how to dress that shows style and a classiness but at the same token there is a sexiness to it all. Over all she exudes total femininity especially when she has dabbed on that fragrance of hers. Too true men love a woman that is very feminine in herself yet sexy. So do a personal analysis of yourself and upgrade where you need too!

A man will want you more when you know how to flirt with him…

All men get seduced by a woman that knows how to flirt yet she does not go overboard, rather she does it in a hidden yet seductive way these flirty gestures, such as smiling seductively tilting your head to expose your neck while you talk, or the way you walk, or if you are wearing a short dress or skirt as you go to sit down you can hitch it up a little more and give him a smile etc. Practice your flirty gestures in front of a mirror till you get it right.

A man will want you more when you show a little skin, rather than the whole lot!

If you really want to get the attention of men, where clothes that suit you are fitted, and do not go overboard in exposing too much, got great long legs well wear a mini but not an ultra mini (save that for the “I dare you game” that you can play with each other after you get to know each other). So do show less rather than more, too much looks trashy and you wont look like girlfriend material, so opt for sexy but classy, feminine but sensual. So opt for clothes that give the nearly there look so men will want to continue to peek again and again as you have their curiosity aroused.

A man will want you more when you have a seductive voice..

Men just love a sexy, sweet and seductive voice that comes from a woman. So when you speak with a man, opt to speak in a low tone and do avoid the high pitched voice. Men do find it sexually attractive when you speak in a low, soft voice, and of course slowly rather than fast try it out next time you speak to a male and watch his reaction. And why not start practicing the way you talk, you can pretend that you are talking to a male.

A man will want you more when you ask him for help…

Men love to feel like they are the man that you have been waiting for all along, they want to be able to do things for you so you will appreciate them and it will make them feel wanted. So next time you need help do it with a smile and he will be more than happy to assist you. He wants to show you that he is all man, and of course it gives him the chance to talk to you, of course after he has finished helping you remember to give him that flirty smile, he may get embarrassed but he will ask for your number! And if you already have him, this always works a treat, so feed the man compliments, and give him the thank you with a flirty smile.

A man will want you more when you can acknowledge his stare…

Whether you like a guy or not, and he is staring at you, if you can acknowledge it with a smile he would appreciate it, but if you do not really like him you do not have to keep smiling back at him. It does happen that sometimes you may not like the guy but when you see him with his mate you find that you like his friend so this opens the door for you to attract his friend with the same smile but you can lock eyes with him for a second then look away. If you find that your smile has attracted someone that you are definitely not keen on then you can give him your dirty stare if he goes overboard. Men love to be acknowledged by a woman with a smile as to them it means you are giving them a chance rather than blowing them off in that first glance.

In conclusion

It is true a man will want you more when you are able to embody the true feminine you and work it to your advantage. So use the advice and tips we provided to your advantage and enjoy the results that is you will win the attention of the men around you. And it will come naturally to you, as your confidence builds ups within you that you can easily get a man to want you more!


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