Will I Ever Meet MR RIGHT?

Finding Mr Right

Finding Mr Right

There are many single women that are in this predicament wondering if they will ever meet Mr Right. It does take time to meet Mr Right. Sometimes we have to experience some painful relationships to truly appreciate someone that  comes our way and does want to do right by you and of course love you for who you are. It is never easy to date someone and know from the word go that he is the one it does take time to get to know someone. There can be times where you do meet someone and it feels right from the word go, this is rare but it does happen.

How do I meet Mr Right

Good question, many women lament this fact where are all the great men or where is Mr Right. Unfortunately there are many women that did have Mr Right but were to blind to see it at the time, rather they disrespected the man, gave him a hard time about anything and everything and then ditched him for a bad boy. So where are you at today to meet Mr Right? Are you ready to appreciate a man, trust him, and have a relationship that is based on love and friendship? Are you ready to appreciate a man that will show that he has that much more attraction to you than what you have to him? When a man is more attracted to you than you are to him, it does make it that much easier for a woman to experience a great relationship with a man. When she is the one that is more attracted to the male, she will become his slave and have no backbone, basically his wish is his command!

Make sure you have the right amount of attraction and there is a healthy balance to it. When one partner is more extreme than the other they will only experience heartbreak. Reason for this is we can become addicted to the person and do all sorts of crazy things that we normally wouldn’t do with a partner. Such as letting them take advantage of your good nature. Or dropping everything to do as they ask, letting them control our lives, letting go of friendships as they dictate. What is happening is an unhealthy love relationship.

If you stand your ground, respect yourself and others, have your own opinions, have self love and know your worth then you will be happy with any man, as you know who you are and that a partner is there to enhance your life rather than you seeking from them anything and everything to make your world turn around. When you have these qualities about yourself, it is reflected in who you are as a person, and you will demand this naturally without it being obvious as it is all part and parcel of who you are.

Be gracious and loyal, trustworthy and honest when you are seeking Mr Right as he is all that and is seeking the same. If you have qualities about yourself that you do not like then change them to qualities that you do like. Work on yourself to become a better person.

Consider making a collage to get Mr Right

When we sit down and really have a good think of what we want in Mr Right this will definitely make it that much easier for you to know what it is that you are exactly seeking and whether you want a future or not, what it is that you want to enjoy with this Mr Right, do you want to go on holidays with them, or buy a home, travel, etc. You are seeking Mr Right with certain qualities and likes and dislikes. So do make sure you are specific with what you are looking for in Mr Right.

Now that you have the list of qualities etc do you have them yourself? If not start working on them because you need to stand in his shoes and wonder what he would be seeking in Miss Right! Do you have those qualities? If not start working on them today!

You could then proceed to take various pictures of interest and yes of a possible look alike of your Mr Right from magazines etc and paste them onto a piece of cardboard, with your Mr Right, paste pictures of all that you want to happen with this Mr Right. Then what you will need to do is put your collage in your line of vision that is so you can see it on a daily basis. The reason for this as you will look at it you will see it all daily what you want to happen and it will happen! All good things take time so be patient and it will unfold in due course.





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