Why Texting The Ex Is A Bad Idea

When you experience a breakup of course you will be going through stages of shock, anger, remorse, confusion, and various other emotions. You will be on an emotional roller coaster, of course you will want to be texting the ex to stay in touch with your ex throughout this time frame of emotional pain.

texting the exThe worst thing you can do to yourself is to text your ex after a breakup especially within the first few days, as this will only make your situation worse this is for the person who thinks that they can fix the relationship.

This is not going to happen my best suggestion is to get smart and wise and DO NOT TEXT YOUR EX here we have reasons why.

  • If you text your ex they will see it as you are desperate and lonely. If you show to your ex that you are weak and dependant upon them then this could make them realize all the more to keep away from you.
  • You are showing to your ex a controlling nature. If you are sending a text to your ex every couple of hours this would annoy them greatly and on top of that they will feel like you are tracking them down.
  • After a breakup both parties involved do require time out from each other this gives opportunities to think and consider why all this has happened etc.
  • By texting your ex you will be waiting for responses and quite possibly you might not receive a response at all or you will get a message that you do not want to read.
  • Rather than wasting time texting your ex, it is far better that you spend time on yourself and have good times rather than sad times. Your ex will appreciate that you are not texting them and hounding them that they might reconsider and give you a call just to see how you are.

There are of course many more reasons why you should not go about texting the ex. What is more important though knowing when to send a text message as this could assist you in getting your ex back.


The reason why texting is not a good idea after a break up is that it still is a form of communication. When a break up occurs the best thing that exes could do is stay away from each other and not to use any form of communication at least until a certain amount of time has passed.

This is where a time period has passed and both have had the opportunity to miss each other or move on. If there is love of course it is appropriate in time to call your ex and ask if they would like to discuss matters of the heart over coffee.



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