Why Men Fall In Love

Why men fall in love - Here we have the answer….

So why do men fall in love, is there a type of woman that a man will fall in love with. Well it is better if I simply get to the point and give you the answers to what it is all about.

Why men fall in love

Why men fall in love

What men actually fall in love with is certain personality attributes that a woman has. Here we have listed the attributes for you to explore:

1. Intelligence

This particular attribute does rank very high, that is after men have gotten past your looks. Men fall in love with women that are articulate, smart and opinionated.

Many men enjoy speaking to women who do have their own view point on subjects and enjoy discussing events of the day.

Men enjoy debating, and if you can actually make them believe your point of view or respect it, then this man will see you as an equal and not a show pony to be put on display for the rest of the world to see until the next show pony comes along.

2. Great sense of humor

If you can find it in yourself to be able to laugh at your man’s crude jokes or wisecracks, you will definitely become someone that he wants to get to know better.

But if are the type of woman that will get easily upset if he jokes about your hair or sloppy dressing then men will not find your personality as attractive as one who does possess these qualities.

3. Confident

When you can state your own opinion and be able to defend it, and you are comfortable in your own skin, and regardless of your body size or whatever else that mother nature has blessed you with, then you will attract men that will fall in love with you.

4. Supportive

When a woman is able to encourage and support her man, men find this attractive and find it easy to fall in love with a woman that does this. Men think that when you support their dreams and goals you have the ability to believe that they are able to accomplish those things that are very dear to their hearts.

And if you are able to support that is what is dear to his heart, then you will unlock his passionate love for you.

5. Accommodating

When you do realize and understand that you will never find a perfect man, it will be easier for you to forgive any of their imperfections that they possess this makes for an admirable quality that men seek in their woman that they want to love.

Be aware if you are definitely the type of woman that will pick on every single thing that they do or you will nag at them for no reason, then no man will stick around for long.

6. Patience

It is important that a woman can be patient and not pressure her partner into making a serious commitment when he is definitely not ready to make one yet. 

If a woman is willing to show a man that she is interested in settling down, and does not come across as desperate or overbearing.

Then these women will be attractive to men as they do not come across as impatient and that they are willing to wait for their man.

7. Sensual

When a woman has no sensuousness about herself then no man will be attracted to her. To come across as attractive to a man you must be seen as  very comfortable with your sexuality and know how to initiate sex spontaneously.

If you do have the belief that men should initiate the first move in the bedroom and any love making matters, you could be doing more harm than good for yourself.

It is important that you do start to learn how to initiate intimacy and you will definitely become more attractive to a man.

8. Honesty is appreciated.

Women that are honest will be attractive to men. If you are the type of woman that will say it as she saw it, men will be very attracted to this aspect of your personality.

Just as you do love men that will tell you the truth no matter what, men also feel the same way when they do meet a woman that will not waste any of their time with lies. Men get attracted to women that are honest and very down to earth.

9. Open-minded

When a woman is willing to explore other new ideas, possibilities, etc is an attribute that men look and seek for in the women that they do want to love.

When you are being open minded this does not mean that you have to compromise any personal convictions, more so being able to see another point of view and be able to respect it even though you might not share it.

10. Health conscious

When a woman takes care of herself of course she will appear more attractive than a woman that does not. It is true a good physique is what attracts men, even before  they get to know you.

Men are attracted to women that eat right, exercise, take care of their hair, nails and dress well. So remember to attract the best you must look your best it is all that simple!


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