Why Isn’t He Calling Me After Our First Date

why isnt he calling meWhy Isn't He Calling??

No doubt you enjoyed your first date and it all looked very promising, he gave you all the indications that he does like you and told you that he would call you again SOON! But instead he has vanished into thin air, he hasn’t called you again and now you are discussing with your girlfriends the whole first date and why has he just vanished out of your life for good. There are many reasons why a guy will not call you again for a second date, even if he had the thought to see you  again then there is a reason why he did not bother you again. So what are the reasons guys don’t call you back for another date.

The reasons why he did not call again.

When we first meet someone there is the physical and sexual attraction happening and then of course getting to know each other where a first date is initiated, men work on their perceptions of you when they date you initially. If he perceives you as an argumentative, controlling, overly independent, no warmth or femininity in you then he will lose his attraction, this is where you will have to show him that you are a feminine woman by your mannerisms and the clothes you wear, that you enjoy a challenge, and that you will stand your ground especially if you are right.

He could also perceive you as a woman that is out of his league and will rate you as a 10 which is high maintenance, superficial or you are a gold digger compliments of past experiences, so this is where you will need to show him that you are none of that, rather you are a person that enjoys having some luxuries in life and you do work hard for them, sure look the glamour, but do make him aware that you foot your own high maintenance bills, and you do not mind being spoiled now and again.

The other reason that he could have not bothered with you again is that you could have shown signs to him that you were overly keen and super interested in him, this of course will be seen as desperate on his part, especially after you sent him that thankyou email for the date. Rather than feeling great he feels pursued and every man prefers to pursue rather than being chased.

Another valid reason is that he lost all interest and attraction for you, it could have been something simple that you said or did, or just that he suddenly realises that you do not do it for him.

What to do on the first date and after a date to keep him keen

This is where it is best to dress semi casual but stylish, go to a place where you can really talk and basically you see him as a potential friend, rather than a potential future partner. This is the problem for many women they meet a guy date him and next thing they are travelling full speed ahead into a future prospective relationship with him, sometimes they will tell their friends that they met a new boyfriend!

When you have no great expectations from someone this is where you can sit back and really enjoy yourself without any pretenses and be yourself, the more you show that you are a friendly fun person to be with, that you exude femininity and have a wonderful warmth about you, and you have cute but sexy ways about you, this is all very appealing and attractive to a man, of course you want to overly impress him and you can do this on your second date!

Of course it is good to toss in some flirty ways about yourself, that you also have a cheeky playful side to yourself. And at the end of the date you do turn around with a big smile that you really had a great time. And leave it to him to ask you out again and if he does you tell him that will be fine by you to go on another date. Leave it on that note, and whatever you do there is no need for you to go thanking him for the date, or emailing him or texting him, do be patient and wait for him to get in touch with you again, while you are waiting for his call, get on with your life and enjoy it to the max. After all you might end up changing your mind about him yourself. So keep the mindset “friend only” until things really start to happen between you both then of course this is where he will become your boyfriend.

Always give yourself time in getting to know someone, hold your emotions in check there is nothing worse than falling head over heels in love with someone that does not feel the same way about you. This is where you will experience unnecessary heartache.





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