Why Ex Texting Turns To Sexting And Disaster

It can be tough on you when your relationship is over and all you want to do is ex texting to tell them that you still miss them and would love to see them. You proceed to send a text before you know it he has responded but it was not what you really wanted or expected he was sexting back to you and what you really wanted turned out to be disaster.

ex textingSo what exactly is sexting

nnThis is putting out a message text that is either flirty, erotic or even pics that are risqué to a person. To many who are in relationships it does wonders to their sex life, especially if it is long distance but to those who are no longer an item it can totally ruin any chances of getting together again.

Don’t sext your ex

When it is over it is over and by sending a sext text to your ex you are sending the wrong message across that is if you want them back to be in a relationship with you again . So regardless how lonely you are or how drunk you are, never sext an ex, not unless it is a booty call you are after.

Don’t sext while you are drunk

If you are drunk or choose to get drunk to give yourself permission to send a sext text to your ex, what could actually happen rather than sending to your ex you could send it to someone who will find it very inappropriate, or on the other hand you could make it so explicit that your ex will not appreciate it especially if you have not been together for a long time.

Set a passcode

If you do get tempted in any shape or form to sext your ex then do make sure that you have a pascode or a password to your phone so that any unsuspecting young family member who might grab your phone will not come across the text messages or risqué pics. Better to keep them locked up.


So what is important for you to remember is that if you do want your ex back to get back into a relationship then do not sext him any messages cause if you do he can get the wrong message and think that you are doing the “booty call”.



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