Why Do Men Fall In Love?

why do men fallin loveThe Psychology Of Why Men Fall In Love

Guys actually like women. We’re different to them, sure. And we often come with a lot of baggage and drama. But overall, they like us. We all came from a woman. The feeling of being cared for and nurtured is imprinted on our brains; and it’s generally women who do this best.


Here is a list, in no particular order, of why men like to be around us.

We’re gentle and warm. Those personality traits that can cause us to get so emotional (which men often find hard to deal with) are also one of the reasons men love us.

Our bodies. And here’s a news flash ladies – they don’t need us to be perfect. If you take pride in the body you do have and stop being so hard on yourself, remember that men love you for you. Your body is part of you, and men love all the parts of us that make us different to them.

We’re Beautiful. Yep. Men think we’re beautiful. So when your guy gives you a compliment, take it. If you deny it or refuse it, he is going to stop giving them to you. If every time you did something nice for someone they refused it would you keep doing it? Your guy is the same. Smile, accept the compliment and say thank you. No matter how insecure you feel on the inside, just say thank you.

The Way We Smell And Feel. Any woman who has a teenage boy or knows a teenage boy will understand that girls and women just smell better than men. And guys love it. We’re also softer, we don’t have beards and other guy stuff and they love that about us.

We nurture them. Women are genetically wired to care about people – including men. If your guy wants practical solutions he is going to go straight to his buddies, but if he just wants to be looked out for and nurtured he is going to turn to a woman.

We look out for others. We can be kind, looking out for other people and caring about others in a way that simply doesn’t occur to men. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s simply that we care differently.

We Are The Neck. Your man may be the head of the household, but a good, wise woman is the neck. Men know it – and it makes them love us. We can help men see things from another angle, acting as a counterbalance when they are stove-piped in their thinking. We can turn the head whichever way we want to, and make them see a different side.

We’re Smart. Men like intelligent women.

Our Compassion. The empathy and compassion we display to others is a big drawcard to men. We don’t tend to fear emotion, we embrace it. Ok sometimes we embrace way too much emotion. We feel our highs and our lows much more than men, and so we can be contented at a level that men find intriguing and they love us for it.

They like that they can protect and cherish us and be useful to us. If you make your guy think that you can do everything – even if you can – he feels like you don’t need him. This impacts him more than you know. They love that they can take care of us, so let them.

We have boobs.

We’re not men.

So there you have it, the reasons men fall in love with us. These aren't the only reasons, we're all different and we all have different things that attract us. The important thing is that men love us, and we should let them. Lose the insecurities and the complaining and the bringing up of every little thing they ever did wrong. Guys are somple creatures, let them show us how they love and cherish us. Your relationship will thank you for it.

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