Why Dinner Etiquette Is Important When Dating

When you go on your first date or any other dates for that matter, knowing correct dinner etiquette is important and it will serve you well in the long run. There is no need for you to rush out and start taking classes or spend hours on the internet searching for the dinner etiquette rules and regulations. It is simple really all you have to do is rely on basic good manners and act in accord with the setting that you are in.

Dinner etiquette

Dinner etiquette

1. Table manners

It is basic really when you are with company or alone it does not matter as no doubt as you were growing up your parents taught you manners at the table. You will need to avoid making loud noises such as burping, loud chewing and slurping as these would be a great turn off.

Do also remember to use the napkin provided rather than tossing your hand bag onto the table pulling out everything and finding that elusive packet of tissues at last just to use to wipe the corners of your mouth.

2. Ordering the Food

You may come across items on the menu that you are not familiar with, there is no need to panic, as you are not required to be a culinary genius. You could ask your date or the restaurant staff any questions you have about the men. This could also possibly make an interesting conversation unfold. If you do go about making mistakes in your pronunciation or you do order things that do not make sense then do get clarity from either your date or the person that is serving you there is also no need for you to get angry and insist that you are correct.

3. Interaction with staff

There is no need to display any arrogance towards staff there is no reason to insult or speak to them in a haughty manner as there is no need to yell or snap your fingers if you require assistance. These actions will only make you look ugly and ignorant.

4. Classy Eating

If you have been informed in advance that you will be going to a classy restaurant, then become aware of which implements are used for which items etc. There is no need for you to remember every glass and piece of silverware in a set are used for, but it is good to know the difference between a teaspoon and a desert spoon.

5. Alcohol consumption

It is wise to drink moderately rather than excessively if you do have a problem with alcohol then do not order any stick to mineral water, or soda.

6. Having fun

When you are on the date you are hoping to have fun and enjoy yourself this does not always turn out to be the case. If you are wanting to end the date do go about it in a polite way to express this. First date dinner etiquette does not allow you to show displeasure and to storm your way out of a restaurant leaving your guest sitting alone at the table.

7. The bill

Who should pay for the first date dinner. Well this is still a debated subject. Perhaps a woman can pay her share of the cost perhaps not. You could always be the gentleman and pay. If the woman makes an issue out of it you can always turn around and tell her that she can pay next time, but you did enjoy spoiling her with the dinner.

8. Manners

Do remember to express thanks to the person that paid for your meal and be real with them if you had a great time, then thank them for that also.


First date dinner etiquette is important, as this gives you an opportunity to present yourself at your very best, also it gives you an opportunity to experience fine dining and the company of a person that you wish to get to know better. Always remember your manners.



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