What Pick Me Ups Do I Need To Help Me To Get Over A Break Up

Getting out and about is a great pick me up.

Getting out and about is a great pick me up.

When we are trying to recover from a break up that is absolute and you know that you will not go back to your ex as you know this time round it really is over. This is where you really need some great pick me ups that will help you cope and let go of your ex for good. Of course it does not happen over nite but it does happen. You need to relize that it is for a time only and before you know it your life will get back on track.

Pick me ups – Tip 1. Acceptance

This is where you can cry tears of relief that it is finally all over and that there is no going back as you know the cycle and what happens when you do get back and there is really no change. If you choose to understand that it is for the best for both of you, then this does make it that much easier to accept the break up and find some inner peace.

For many couples they stick it out together year after year both being miserable and unhappy yet they stay together for the sake of having someone in their life and if they were to leave it would only complicate their life. This is not a healthy reason to stay in a relationship where you are not happy and it is volatile etc. Best advice to take heed of is if it is not happening then let go.

Pick me ups – Tip 2. Embracing singledom

That is right after a break up we become single again, and we find that we have all this freedom to start doing all the things that we put aside while we were in a relationship with our partner. Not only that we can start to pursue other avenues of interest such as painting, yoga, meditation, guitar lessons whatever it is that inspires you then do it. After all you have so much more time to get out there and do things that you want to do, you will also have more time to spend with your friends and catch up and go out with them. You could also join different clubs or groups such as bush walking clubs, canoing clubs, and the list is endless. So embrace being single again and get out their and keep on living.

Pick me ups – Tip 3. Building your confidence and self esteem up

After a break up we can sometimes loose our confidence and our self esteem levels could drop this is where you need to pick yourself right up again and realize your worth as a human being, and that you are attractive and beautiful in your own way. So start to focus on things that you would like to change for yourself such as improving your diet, exercising such as swimming, walking, the gym, dancing whatever will motivate you. Why not a hair cut, or buy some clothes that will give your confidence a lift. If you gained a habit then why not give it ago and let go of it.  So what ever it is that you want to change, change it.

Pick me ups – Tip 4.  Allowing yourself to meet others

After a breakup it takes time to heal, but there is no reason to let it go on for ever, life passes by quick enough, so put on that black fancy dress, those high heel shoes, a splash of confidence, smile and know that you are out to have fun and let yourself shine again, after all you are only going out to have a great time, and realize that others are finding you attractive and you catch the eyes of many a man. This will give you a confidence boost that you have the potential to attract another partner into your life!

Pick me ups – Tip 5. Enjoying a new relationship

Time does pass and before you know it, you have met a potential partner, it all started out as friends and now it is deepening into something more, but the funny thing is you realize that your ex is just a fragmented memory and you hardly if ever remember them any more, the new man in your life is busy occupying your thoughts of how you are attracted to them and how you are enjoying seeing them and spending time with them. And to top it off you realize that the best thing that could have happened to you was that you are now glad that the breakup happened between you and your ex. You realize more so than ever that if you stayed with your ex you would not be with this great person today. So the breakup happened for a reason as everything in life does. So all I can add is enjoy!



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