Ways To Get Your Ex Back – 5 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

 Want to get your ex back? Here we have 5 ways to get your Ex back!

When your relationship ends whether it is a casual, short term or long term it can be a real painful experience to go through. It ends the commitment between you both and also something that you weren't ready to lose. You think of ways to get your ex back.

You are overwhelmed by panic and despair and all you can think of is "how to get him/her back". Are there ways that do work in helping get your ex back? Which are the basic steps you have to take in order to overcome the obstacles and win him/her back?

1. Relationship review:

It is very important to figure out the true reason why your relationship ended. There is always an excuse like " It doesn't feel the same" or "It's not working out any more" but there is also a reason why NOW is different, what has changed?

If you want to have an actual chance to get back together and stay this way, you have to know why you came to this point in the first place.
2. Stop The Contact With Him/Her:

For the obvious reason is that you are not ready for it. If you are considering to get in touch with your ex at this point in time the outcome would be that you will only push him/her away from you.

You are not calm and you will probably say things that you will regret later. No phone calls, no texts, no emails, no personal messages on Facebook!
3. Time Out For Self:

You will need to take some timiie out so you can see things more clearly. At this point you are overwhelmed with your emotions and negative thoughts and you are desperate to fix things.

Believe me, this is just not the time for it. Time alone is very important as this will give you time to sort yourself out and have good think about it all.

In addition, that gives your ex some time to miss you, to see how it feels to be without you.
4. Don't be needy:

Don't even consider begging. You want your ex back in your life only because they want to be not because they are feeling sorry for you.

Stop right there do not think that by sending flowers or gifts or long love letters explaining how much you want him/her back is the right thing to do.

It is important that you have pulled yourself together prior to arranging a meeting or calling him/her.
5. Regain your confidence:

Try being the person that he/she once fell in love with. I am sure you were funny, pleasant, great company and oozing confidence.

This is the person you have to be again! Meet up with your friends, go out, hit the gym or change your hairstyle or the way you dress.

Your ex will see the difference and wonder what happened and that you do look really good again. So to win him/her back you do need to feel really great about yourself.
 The worst thing that you can ever do is to stay at home and think and dwell about him/her day in day out. Don't give up on the things you like to do.

If you choose to stay at home watch TV and think about your lost love then what would happen is:

You will feel worse within yourself and would more than likely end up calling them in the middle of the night and be begging him/her to give it another go. This is not how you get your ex back!

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