Using Relationship Psychology To Salvage Your Relationship

Going Through A Break Up? Want Your Ex Back? You Can By Using Relationship Psychology To Salvage Your Relationship Read On To Find Out More…

Since the break up you have heard time and again the same advice. If you do want your ex boyfriend back then you must ignore him. At first glance it makes absolutely no sense at all. Well you can try using relationship psychology to salvage your relationship.

You can use relationship psychology to get your ex back.

You can use relationship psychology to get your ex back.

By choosing to ignore a man how would this ever possibly make him want you back? More than likely it is the opposite that you think would be effective.

Internally you feel that right now would be the perfect time to pick up the phone to call your ex boyfriend and suggest you two try and work things out.

But any one who knows your situation is screaming to you DON'T DO THAT. You do feel confused, desperate and concerned that by not calling him that it will be the biggest mistake of your life and that you will lose the man you love.

So prior to doing anything you require a quick and easy lesson in male psychology. So do pay attention to those who tell you to forget your ex boyfriend's place of work, address and phone number as there is a valid reason for this.

Right Now You're Not in Control of Your Failed Relationship

After a break up the individual who is chasing their ex partner is not in control of the future of the relationship.
 As women we often wish we could live our lives in the pages of a romance novel. We use our imaginations to imagine the moment when we hope to hear our ex boyfriend say that he cannot live another day without you.

The problem is that in reality that's not likely to happen if you're chasing him non-stop. Your actions really do speak louder than your words in this scenario and your actions are screaming a message that loudly declares, "I'm desperate and I don't care who knows it."

He is completely in control of what happens next.  He also is aware that if he chooses to ignore you that you will then pursue him even more so than before.

So basically what you are telling your ex is that if he continues to ignore you, then you will even try harder. His ego is constantly being fed as he knows that your world is revolving around him.

There are many men in this position that will not give their ex the time of day, as they want to see how far you will go in pursuing him with your efforts to win him over.

You must shift the dynamic of the relationship so that you're the one in control of the future.

The way to go about this is simple by changing your behaviour. You will experience surprise at how rapidly he will decide that it is you that he wants when he thinks that you no longer want him.

Not Answering text messages

This is one particular mistake women make prior to not texting their ex boyfriend is they have a tendency in telling their exs their intentions in ways that he can realise that it is only a game.

If you announce to your ex boyfriend that you're no longer talking to him, and you do that while you're overly emotional, he's going to view it as a tactic to get him back.

The males competitive spirit kicks into overdrive and he will go out on a limb to ignore you. Before you know it, weeks or months will have passed and you'll both be too stubborn to reach out to connect with the other.

You're much better off just dropping off the face of the earth. The advice that is best to listen and follow is to make a decisive moment (now is a good moment) that you are not going to make no contact with your ex boyfriend for at least four weeks.

More importantly do not tell any one of your plan as if you do have mutual friends they would love to gossip to your ex boyfriend of your plan and he will see this as a tactic to remind him how much he will miss you and need you.

During this period of time do your best to change your focus to do things that are positive and enriching to you. Sure it is so easy to sit and lament in the memories of when you were together, but this will not achieve anything positive for you.

Do allow a month as this will give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself as a woman, and you will then be able to know what you do want out of your life.

Redefine What Your Life Goals Are As You Distance Yourself From Your Ex

You're in for a couple of welcome surprises when you do begin the journey of ignoring your ex boyfriend.

First and foremost, you're going to be shocked with how he responds. It is so typical of men wanting a woman that no longer wants them.

So once the ex understands that you have stopped trying to get his love and devotion, he will be on a mission to recapture your heart. It's amazing how that works.

Men are so well known for this wanting things that are just beyond their reach. When it concerns an ex girlfriend, the man will let all his charm ooze out in top gear in his efforts to win her back.

Basically, if you take away the knowledge that you want him, he'll start to question who you do want. When this occurs, he will be running back to you full force, wanting to question you what has changed.

The other, more welcome, benefit of ignoring your ex boyfriend is you get to finally decide, in an emotionally uncluttered way, whether getting back together is actually something that you want or need.

Things look and feel much different a month after the break up. What you will find is an array of possibilities your emotions are settled and your future is an open door of opportunities.

By giving yourself the opportunity to take a breather from your ex boyfriend is the best gift you can give yourself.

You will finally be able to decide what is best for you and whether reuniting with him is truly the best way to make all your romantic dreams come true.

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