Understanding And Healing Emotions In You

Emotions in you

Emotions in you

We can all experience a chain of events that lead to a crisis within ourselves that are pointing in the direction of healing emotions within you. This happens because your inner self is crying out for change and to get its message across that it wants to heal aspects within yourself it will push for a breakthrough and what usually happens for this to occur is a breakdown in you. And it is all about healing emotions.

When we experience an emotion that is constant and it rears its head day in day out and then it starts to really eclipse itself this is where it forces you to take action and change what needs to be changed, and if you do not, what actually does happen after the crescendo is that emotion will start to rear its head in different ways throughout your day to day living and build up again for you to deal and tackle with it again. So it is best to deal with the emotion that is really pushing its way through for healing. The more you suppress it the more it will come to the fore so what is the best way to tackle and heal emotions that are pushing for changes.

Healing emotions

Our emotions are based upon life experiences and how we initially dealt with a situation as it came to hand. Our teachers were our parents, adults,  teachers etc they were the ones that provided the tools in the early years on how to deal with our emotions, as we became adults we used and still use the same old tools to help us cope. What really needs to be looked at are new tools that will provide you with a better way of healing those emotions. When we seek change within our selves such as wanting to gain confidence, or improving our self esteem, changes to our appearance, our attitudes towards others etc. this is when those emotions that did not heal will come to the surface bubbling away in your day to day living for you to deal with.

The best way to heal emotions is to understand where they all come from and their source if you can locate the source of your unhealed emotion then you are on track and it gives you the chance to heal a facet of yourself. Of course it could all happen very quickly or it will take time like peeling away an onion, layer after layer. Time is the healer and what everybody needs to understand that sometimes an emotion that requires healing will take its own time, and this depends upon others that are part and parcel of that emotion that you have that requires healing. Sometimes it takes an alignment to happen where an event will occur, and this is where the healing will take place in a big way. As an example you feel very angry over a person, and every time you think about them they make you angry and you recall what they have done to you time and again, and it has been going on for years, you have done your best to live and let go, you are to afraid to confront them with it all because you have always been seen as the “good guy”.

Well you really want to let go of the anger, and the process kicks in for you to start to release and let go. Time passes the anger is still there then as time passes a situation occurs and you are fronted with the person that makes you angry, out of know where you find yourself talking to them what you really wanted to always tell them, and it builds up and they listen to what you have to say, and you really let it all out, and you find yourself shaking but you feel better inside you have finally spoken your truth it took years but you did it, the next day you find all your bones are aching and your body feels extremely tired, this happens as you have been holding on to that emotion for so long that it resided in between your bones muscles etc, and you have really released it all, therefore your body is now readjusting to the healing of the emotion of anger. You find that the anger is no longer there any more for that person. And you see that person again, and when you look at them the anger is no longer there. They also treat you differently and with more respect. They understood you well!

Or as another example, where we cannot see a person that has created pain within ourselves, we find that to really be able to let go and live we have to release them, and the way you do this, is to simple start the forgiveness process until you feel it in your heart and the pain is no longer felt. It does take time but it does happen. And while you are on the journey of forgiveness you realize that your emotion of pain that you experienced with this person, was a trigger to do with a pain of the past that you experienced in your childhood so you find that you are forgiving more than one and thanking them that they helped to heal an aspect in you that needed healing. And yes you will see changes in you whenever we heal a change does occur within ourselves and our lives!

Best way to heal emotions

Time is a great healer of emotions, you will know within yourself that an emotion is seeking healing with in you. One of the best ways for self healing of emotions is to meditate upon the emotion and then visualize a scene where it is very peaceful and healing such as waterfall, forest, lake, beach whatever you find is best for you. In this visualization you see the person or people in front of you, and this is where you communicate to them what they did to you and how it hurt you, and that you are ready to forgive them and forgive yourself for any part that you played, you see that the other person is understanding and asks for your forgiveness and that you are able to embrace each other, and that you go into the healing waters, or the healing garden of roses, or the healing crystal palace, or the healing dolphins, whatever inspires you, it even could be a chapel your visualization will take you and the other person or people concerned to a healing place for all.

What is actually happening is that you are no longer allowing yourself to be chained to an amplified emotion of pain that no longer serves. You are no longer holding that energy of pain in your cellular memory, or in your aura. You have not only done it for yourself but you also gave them an opportunity to be part of the healing process. There can be times when somebody that has hurt us may not be ready to acknowledge the pain that they did to you, this is where you need to understand that it is not their time to heal but it is yours and that is great, so let them walk away into a beam of white light in your visualization.

You are the healer.

What is important for every person to understand is that they are their own healers of their emotions, of course we do seek professional help, or we source spiritual advice and wisdom, we see doctors, or seek alternative medicine and ways to help heal, and when we are ready to heal that is when the healing will begin, everybody we meet and seek are all part of our healing journey of our emotions! When you choose to really stop and allow yourself 20 to 30  minutes a day of total and utter peace for yourself this is where it really does give you an opportunity to heal yourself on a daily basis, it is actually the food that your soul is seeking. So give your soul what it seeks on a daily basis its nourishment is total peace for a period of time. You can also play a piece of music as this will help you to relax into a peaceful moment of time for you and your soul.

When you feed and nurture your soul, it gives back to you ten fold, it helps you to recover from your stresses of the day, it helps you to heal past painful emotions, it helps you to have positive thoughts, your soul thanks you when you do this as it is able to fulfil its life purpose through you. As you choose to live in the moment this is where you will truly find that you are finely living life, you also have attained peace, you are no longer haunted by your past emotions, it happened it is done, it cannot be returned, rather you see everything in a different perspective, and that final layer of onion has finely peeled away!


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