True Beauty – How To Get True Beauty

TRUE BEAUTY – How can you achieve this?

What is true beauty is it in the way we look on the outside or is true beauty found on the inside which shines outwards? Here we have how to attain true beauty that is everlasting.

True beauty

True beauty

True beauty is not about glitz and glamour, what true beauty is that it comes from within in. It is about personality and character as well as how good we look on the outside. It is the beauty of our soul and a reflection of our humanity.

True beauty radiates from the inside out. When we feel good within ourselves it helps us to become more empowered and we are able to surround ourselves with all the goodness we deserve.

SEE and develop your inner beauty

When we see with inner beauty we appreciate the living moment, in this world we living. There is a great saying by an old Native American Indian that quotes “we walk in beauty far more often than we realize”.

 If you choose to live an authentic life and in the present moment then you will see all that is in front of you and you will not focus on your worries that are in your mind.

How many of you have walked around beautiful places such as a park, forest or beach and you focused on your worries rather than seeing or noticing  the beauty around you.

When you choose to live in the now you will see the beauty in front of you and the beauty of others.

SPEAK truth

When we choose to speak from the heart this is what you also call inner beauty. When we speak the truth and communicate in a respectful and deliberate way, or when we say things to others to make them feel great.

When we choose to compliment people and tell our loved ones how we feel this creates inner beauty. When we speak in truth we create inner harmony.

LISTEN wisely

When we listen to what is being said this is also seen as inner beauty. Listen with your eyes and ears. Listen to the voices that tell you that you are beautiful. Appreciate the compliments that you receive. When we look deeper we will see things of value.

LOVE and be grateful for what you have.

When we love ourselves and choose to be grateful for all what we have then we are coming from a space of inner beauty.  At times life can appear unfair, and there can be times where you will not always get your way, and you will not always get exactly what you want.

Do remember that good things will always find good people so do not throw a hissy fit if you did not get what you wanted. There is a good chance that sooner or later you might.

Do be happy with whatever you have and always remember that there is someone out there who has so much less and there always will be.

OUTER BEAUTY have an appreciation for it.

It is important that you do look after your outer beauty as well. Respect yourself and what you choose to wear, maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Keep your hair well groomed. Make sure that you do shower on a daily basis, brush your teeth morning and night and do use deodorant.

Nurture and allow  your self worth and self esteem to grow and shine.

By appreciating who you are as a person and valueing your true essence of humanity this all gives attributes to inner true beauty.



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