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flirting with text messagesStop Wondering And Start (Flirting)Texting

If you want to express how you feel but you're too nervous to do it straight up, text messaging is the obvious choice. A little flirty, a little fun and you can sense if he is attracted with no harm done. As long as you are sensible!! Blurting out your undying devotion or your desire to do the horizontal tango is not the way to go. Follow these easy tips to subtly send out the message that you're available and ready for some flirty fun.

Flirting With Confidence

When you're flirting via text message you can't see his face, and this is a major disadvantage. You don't have his body language to gage to your advantage and there is no external stimulus that you can use if there are awkward pauses or you're looking for inspiration. (We all get tongue tied occasionally). It's hard to be confident when all you've got to go by is his texted response and everyone knows how easy it is to have a misunderstanding from a text message.

The trick is to keep it simple. Be aware of how easily things can lead to miscommunication and embarrassment and be clear with your intentions. If you're aware of the pitfalls of flirting through text you're already a step ahead.

Be confident

When you're texting, you want to appear self assured and confident. It's ok to be a little bit cocky – your certain, so he will be put at ease – one less thing for him to think about. Don't come across as too full on though, or he may read too much into it. Find your balance and text away!

Be clear in what you want to say. If you think he's hot – say so. If a guy sees that pop up onto his screen he is going to be a little bit curious, if not a lot, and wanting to find out more. Don't beat about the bush trying to say it subtly because they are going to lose interest and go back to what they were doing.

take control of texting and flirtingTake control

Often women get frustrated because men don't seem to understand what we want. When we are texting men flirtatiously we want their attention and possibly even a date. You need to take the drivers seat and steer him ever so carefully to where you want to go. The less guesswork you leave him with the better! (Unless you're setting him up to a thought where his imagination is required to do the rest – a different method but just as effective)

Women are experts when it comes to mixed messages. Men often find it difficult to understand what we want. Remember that when you are flirting the potential for misunderstanding is high. You need to be obvious about what you are trying to say, get to the point. This also works for the time limit factor – you're important and you're going places. You don't have time for three hour long text marathons. Flirt a little, get to the point and leave him wanting more.

Make Him Smile

A sense of humor is sexy! Making him smile will also ease his insecurities – you're a laid back funny gal and so he will relax. You will come across as friendly and relaxed and you will make him feel comfortable. Teasing him a little will also capture his attention and set the tone of the text conversation. relaxed chat will help build the bond and make him want to seek you out again.

He Must Want To Get In Touch Again

Don't always be available to flirt with him. You're busy, and you don't want him to take you for granted. Even if all you;re doing is sitting at home giving yourself a pedicure – don't always be available. If men have to chase women they find them more attractive. If you're independent, men find that a sexy trait. And if you keep your texting to a time limit, you'll show him that you''re independent and not emotionally needy. This is a big one – don't portray yourself as needy. Never drop everything you're doing just to return his texts.

When finishing up your texting, always leave him with a little left to his imagination. You want his imagination to be reeling and leave him wanting more. Do NOT give him the nitty gritty details – he simply does not need to know.

Be Original

If you are not simply one of the pack you will stand out – and this interests men. A girl who is intelligent, has a sharp wit or a good sense of humor can be perceived as different. If you;re not naturally funny don't despair. There is always something different and unique about you. Find this feature and play it as one of your strengths. Men like quirky – they think its charming.

Don’t be Predictable

Don't be boring!! If you start off your texts the same way every time, you're going to be predictable and men tire of this very quickly. You want him to look forward to receiving your text messages, not ignoring his phone when it buzzes because he knows you text him good morning the same time every day. include a question, this will encourage him to respond or kick off with an amusing anecdote. You'll engage him in the conversation much more quickly and he is less likely to leave first. If you're interesting, he wants to know what you have said.

Don’t Come On Too Strong

While being confident and taking control is all very well, if you come on too strong you may be setting yourself up for failure. You don't want to be a dead giveaway in a flirtatious conversation. You're flirting. be natural, and be yourself. If you're casual rather than intimidating, you're more likely to meet with success. Remember that flirting takes practice, and so does flirting by text.

Make sure that you aren't the one who is always initiating the text messages either. If he is always waiting for you to start things off leave it for a while. Give him some time to miss talking to you and contact you first. It's all about finding the right balance.

If you're feeling like you could do with a few more tips to be sure of success, you should try the online course text the romance back. With real life examples and tips to boost your self image, its a sure fire way to text a little romance into your life.

Have you had a successful (or horrific!!) flirtatious texting experience you want to share?

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