Tips To Beat Stress and Anxiety

Tired of Stress Ruling Your Life?

Learn to meditate to rejuvenate

Learn to meditate to rejuvenate

If you want to win back your life and have a more calm focussed outlook we have a list of tips for you to try to beat the war on stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

Not all tips will work for everyone, but if you perservere you will find the stress busters that work for you.

Learn to take deep breaths

Get oxygen into your body. When we are angry or stressed we tend to shallow breathe. Take five minutes, do some deep breathing exercises and come back to the problem. The best part about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere.

Meditate and rejuvenate

Before you write it off to the aging hippie population the popularity of yoga and meditation is rising for a reason. Meditation gives you a chance to stop, clear your mind and sharpen your focus. It exercises your brain and we all know a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand.

Essential Oils

Lavender oil is calming to the nerves. Burn some in your home or office in an oil burner to soothe tesion and it smells great too. You can also apply a dab to your ear lobes, but be wary of skin sensitivity and don't over do it.

Avoid Caffeine

All you Starbucks junkies out there are stimulating your nervous system and piling more stress onto an overtaxed body. If you want to relax order a chammomile tea and notice the difference.

If you must indulge

Drink green tea and add a dash of lemon rather than the java.

Get Checked Out

Anxiety can be hormone related. I know ladies, you are thinking what isnt related to our hormones? But low seratonin can cause anxiety and depression. Seratonin levels are kept in check by progesterone the hormone that fluctuates during our menstural cycle, during menopause and after giving birth. If you are on the contraceptive pill it can also affect your progesterone. Some other symptoms that you may have a hormone imbalance are:

  1. mood swings
  2. headaches or migraines
  3. insomnia

Your doctor or health care professional will be able to advise you on the potential risks or a hormone imbalance and help you make a plan to beat anxiety and depression.


Walk, cycle, swim, box or dance those troubles away. Regular exercise can get endorphins flowing through your body. All that curled up tension will disappear once you have worked your way through a session at the gym or walked your dog. Increasing your exercise has the added benefit of helping you sleep at night too breaking the cycle of insomnia.

Keep A Journal

Of the stressful and the fantastic things in your life. If you record it, you will note down the triggers of what upsets you as well as what calms you and makes you happy. Never only note down what troubles you – when you read it back you are making the cycle of destructive thought patterns worse. We are what we think about. If you can only find one good thing in your day write it down – its a start and tomorrow you may come up with two.

Face your fears

If something makes you anxious – public speaking for example – do something about it! Join a Toastmasters group or seek out a support group for others in your condition. You can beat whatever is holding you back with persistence and courage. We are women – we face hurdles every day and you can beat a phobia or anxiety just like you conquer everything else in your day!

Be Silent

I hear your gasps and the way you are all anxiously clutching at your phones. Turn off the music, switch off your phone and don't update your status. Noise pollution affects us and raises our stress levels. Taking time out from the chatter, beeps, chimes and technological noise and you'll feel better.

Find A Passion

Always wanted to try gardening? Have a secret dream to be a photographer? Give it a go. If you have a new hobby or passion in your life it gives you something to look forward to and brightens your day. If your day is brighter – your stress is less.

Get A Massage

Need I say more? I am relaxing just thinking about it…

Have A Good Cry

Some days we just need to let it all out and then get on with it. Crying can be a good tension reliever but not if you are holding back the tears every day.


Not only does smiling take fewer muscles (read fewer wrinkles ladies) than frowning, laughter really is the best medicine. You will feel better after a good belly laugh and your problems will not seem so insurmountable. Every day stress will disappear with a good chuckle and that report your colleague failed to get to you on time wont seem like the end of the world any more.

Stress is a part of our everyday life. Its also a part of our DNA – the fight or flight response is in us and our body is equipped to deal with it. What is not so great for us is the tension and anxiety that eats away at us every day and keeps us awake in the wee hours. Learn to deal with the little things in a positive way and you will feel healthier and happier.

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