Tips For Helping A Wheatish Complexion

Firstly what is a wheatish complexion? A wheatish complexion is defined as light brown skin, the color of wheat. Also used as a matrimonial terminology amongst the Indians  for any person who does not fall under the fair category, but are higher up than the dusky skin.

Wheatish complexion

Wheatish complexion

For women that do have a wheatish and tanned complexion will find that their skin will get dull after applying a skin cream as the day does progress.

With some women who have this skin they will find that it gets a bit rough with waxing and shaving of unwanted hair growth. There are a lot of fair skin treatments on the market which have a tendency to burn tanned and wheatish skin as this skin type is very sensitive.

So for women who have this skin type there are beauty tips that will help their skin look fresh, smooth and glowing.

  • Stop using all types of fairness creams.
  • Use a good sunscreen that is oil free for your face.
  • Combination skin, wash with a good quality face wash.
  • Facial scrubs to be done twice weekly.
  • Apply a facial mask once a week.
  • Drink lots of water as this will flush out any toxins from your skin and body
  • Eat lots of vegetables, fresh fruits and salads will give your skin a glow
  • Acne can be treated with turmeric and neem paste this will assist with any outbreaks of acne.

A simple method for super soft skin

By choosing to use a loofah you can achieve smooth soft and glowy skin. All you need to do is soak the loofah in warm water for approximately 10 minutes. This will soften the loofah.

Whilst having a bath, rub loofah over your body make sure you add some body wash or soap to the loofah. Make circular motions all over your body with the loofah. After you exfoliate with the loofah make sure that you rinse off under a warm shower.

You can use this method every 2nd or 3rd day. If you have dry skin then once a week is recommended.

 This process will help remove dead skin cells  to an extent where it will assist to clear out your skin and the result is a super complexion in a few weeks! So give it a go and enjoy the results.

Exfoliating your skin will give you great results but you should never ever forget to moisturize your skin with a nourishing lotion after exfoliating as your skin would have lost extra moisture.

Basically by following the above tips you will get a smooth and glowing skin, which will also assist with your wheatish skin issues.

More importantly that if you are trying to get a fairer skin complexion that you do see a skin care specialist. DO NOT USE OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS as these may burn your skin and leave it looking worse than ever.

A wheatish complexion is becoming more popular so be proud of your skin as it has become a more sought after complexion to have. Gone are the days where fairer skin was in higher demand.

The truth of beauty lies in all skin colors, it is how you choose to maintain your skin is the biggest issue. At the end healthier and clearer skin is always more preferable and beautiful irrespective of its tone.





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