Tips For Candida Natural Treatment

It is hard to cope when you have a condition called candida. There are many natural remedies and candida natural treatment that you can use to assist in helping you cope and eliminate candida for good.

Here we have some great herbs that will assist in treating your candida problem once and for all. These herbal treatments are highly effective in totally eliminating candida for good.

1. Oregano Oil

You can purchase oregano oil in a concentrated form. The phenols in oregano oil are very effective in fighting off bacterial, fungal and candida overgrowth. The wild organic oregano oil is reputedly known to be very effective in eliminating candida.

2. Pau D’Arco

This herb is brewed into a tea and drinking one cup per day is a very easy way in which you can absorb the antifungal properties this herb has to rid yourself of candida.

3.  Neem

This herb is classified as Ayurvedic medicine and is known as neem, which does assist in stimulating the immune system which in turn helps fight infections and fungal overgrowth. It is also a very effective detoxifier. Neem oil can be applied topically as required.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are enormous as it assists in balancing the pH level of your body and therefore can prevent any harmful pathogens such as candida from growing out of control. Taking a teaspoon to a tablespoon prior to each meal will assist with digestion and help prevent any undigested food particles being eaten by the candida.

5. Olive Leaf Extract

Due to the oleuropein that is found in olive leanf  this extract will help your body to fight any fungal infections that are caused by candida overgrowth. When you consume a high potency olive leaf extract it can obliterate the candida very effectively.

6. Echinacea

Apart from helping to stop a cold in its tracks this herb is reputed to have great anti candida benefits. Not only does it support the immune system it will also assist in the fight against a candida infection.

7.  Garlic

Not only is garlic a powerful antibacterial but it also has great antifungal properties. Candida will not be able to survive if garlic is present. Consuming garlic on a regular basis will help you combat candida for good. Some people prefer  to take garlic capsules three times per day.

8. Black Walnut

This is a natural herb that does contain tannins that will kill any fungal overgrowth such as candida, it is also known to kill parasites. This could be useful for people who suffer from candida overgrowth and parasitical infections.


So by trying any of the natural herb treatments you will find that you will get results in eliminating the candida for good. Of course when doing any natural treatments due to the effectiveness of herbs you can experience some discomfort.

Do be aware that once you start a anti candida treatment and you do it very quickly what can happen is a die off reaction this happens when you kill candida to fast on one hand it is a good thing and on the other you can feel sick.

The symptoms that you can experience are foggy thinking, chills and headaches. Some people will find this very discomforting, so if you do notice any of these symptoms, do cut back on your dose and then start again at a lower dose until the symptoms subside.



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