Tips To Create A Perfect Pout

7 Ways To Get Fuller, Sexier Lips Today

tips for sexier lipssexier lips It would seem that women are often searching for a way to make their lips look fuller and plumper. We look at the stars of today like Angelina Jolie and sigh with envy over her perfect pout. Before you start saving for lip augmentation, there are a few things you can do to get the luscious, kissable lips you dream about.

With a little time and a few basic tips, those lips you want can be yours without investing in Botox, fillers or plumping products. Don’t look for a quick fix – incorporate these few simple steps into your beauty routine and your lips will thank you for it.

1. Exfoliate

When we exfoliate our face we are removing the dead skin cells and revealing the new, finer skin underneath. You can do this for your lips too and reveal plumper lips which have increased blood flow. Make up a simple exfoliating scrub by mixing a little sugar and water and making a paste. Apply to your lips, rub in circles and rinse off. Your lips will be naturally smoother and look fuller and pinker.

2. Use Make Up To Your Advantage

Use a lip liner. If you apply your lip liner slightly to the outside of your natural lip line and fill it in with your choice of color you can achieve a fuller looking pout. Not only will lip liner define your lips, it will also help stop the bleeds we sometimes get when our lipstick color runs.

3. Exercise Your Lips

We lift weights to tone our arms, it makes sense to exercise and tone your lips. There are a few ways to tone and sculpt out pout and the first one is simply to smile. Flashing a cheeky grin or simply smiling at a friend will stretch your lips and help tone your muscles giving you a fuller, sexier pout. Instead of frowning and thinking about your deadlines as you pop out for your morning coffee try smiling at the people you pass. You’ll feel happier, people will wonder why you’re smiling and your lips will be more flexible and fuller. Leading to the next helpful exercise

4. Kiss The One You Love…        

… or if you’re single just pucker up a few times a day. Kissing is exciting; it gives us a bunch of the feel good hormones and just makes us feel loved. Every time you plant one on your partner you’re working your lip muscles and getting a more toned, firmer pout. Practicing puckering up a few times a day is just as good for those of us who are single.

5. Whistle While You Work

 Just like kissing, whistling a tune can help keep your lips in shape. Whistling for a minute a day is enough to tone and plump your lips giving you more blood flow and a fuller look.

6. Essential Oils

essential oils can help plump your lipsAll natural ingredients like essential oils can help you achieve fuller lips too. Check the ingredients on many lip plumpers and you’ll see essential oils like cinnamon and peppermint oils are included. Just one tiny drop – don’t overdo it – of cinnamon oil will stimulate your lips’ capillaries and enhance the blood flow leaving you with pinker, fuller lips. You’ll get a slight tingling sensation, but this should disappear in a minute or so.

Rubbing a drop of peppermint oil on your lips will achieve similar results, and your lips will feel cool and fresh too.

7. Moisturize & Hydration

We make sure our face is moisturized morning and night, but what about our lips? They are exposed to the same harsh environment, so look after your pout, rub in a little moisturizer or balm and be rewarded with plump soft lips rather than a dry and cracked pout.

We make sure that we drink water to keep our skin lovely and moist, your lips will benefit too. If you’re already drinking plenty of water every day, bravo! If you’re still struggling to take in enough water every day try alternating your tea and coffee with a glass of water instead.

Before you resort to Botox or lip augmentation, try a few of these routines every day and enjoy fuller, plumper, healthier lips. We can’t guarantee that you’ll look like Angelina but you’ll notice pinker, smoother and more kissable lips.

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