Tips And Advice On Relationship Maintenance



We all can benefit with great tips and advice on relationship maintenance. As we all know when we are in a relationship with someone things can go stale or they can start to fall apart and this is the last thing you want happening in your relationship. So what are the best ways in which you can maintain a healthy relationship with your partner?  Well read on for great advice that will help to keep your relationship from falling apart.

Tips and advice for relationship maintenance


Relationships that are built on trust and respect travel the distance, the more we can establish trust and respect as the foundation in a relationship the more it will grow and stay healthy. By establishing trust and respect you are giving each other the support that you seek, that anything that you tell each other stays between you, this is where you can share your pains, heartaches, dreams, hopes and aspirations as you know your partner has proven to be trustworthy enough for you to divulge all, and of course they reciprocate it back to you as they feel the same way.


Egos have to go when you want a healthy relationship. When you use your ego in a relationship it can become very distructive as rather than being their to support you are driven by your ego, therefore rather than being supportive and listening you become destructive with your ego and it all becomes about “me” rather than “us”. So next time rather than coming from your ego, choose to come from your heart instead.


Sex is important, if you find that it is not happening much any more or rarely at all then it is time to revamp your sex life and add some passion and lust into it. Your imagination is the key to making it happen again. So create and inspire each other, show your partner that the passion is still very much there burning away for them, of course this will make him/her happy and your enthusiasm, passion, lust and desire for them will rub off on them. So keep the sex alive in your relationship!


Potential for growth in any relationship should be valued. As we journey through a love relationship with our partner there is always great potential for you to grow as a person, of course this will add great depth and wisdom to your relationship as you both seek and support each other in reaching your potentials therefore feeling fulfilled in the nurturing relationship that you have created between you both.


Express your emotions, wishes, wants, desires, hopes and dreams to your partner rather than hiding them away, it is far better to communicate to your partner what it is all about rather than going solo and not divulging anything to them they want to know as they do care for you, as they do want to support you the best way they can, so allow each other to fully express what it is they wish and do listen without judgement the more you are able to do this the more open and honest the relationship becomes and lets the trust grow stronger between you both.


Compromise is the key to a great relationship. If couples were able to compromise with each other on anything and everything this will make the relationship that much easier to be in, when we compromise, this will create  more peace in the relationship as both parties are willing to meet each other half way and to understand and respect each others perspectives.


Thankyou to my best friend, lover and companion whom I love treasure and respect dearly. You need to keep the attitude of gratitude in the relationship, where you do respect and treasure each other as the years pass, if you choose to live in the moment this is where you will be able to achieve this more easily. Always remember to appreciate your partner, and thank them for all  the good things they do for you, praise their efforts and achievements, be their best support, and show them the love and respect that they deserve. When there is respect in a relationship it will always flourish.






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