Think Big To Attain Money Wealth Success

Money wealth success prosperity!

Money wealth success prosperity!

We all want to prosper in all aspects of our life that is to do with money wealth success, careers or relationships. Therefore to achieve prosperity it is good to set yourself goals and tasks that are possible to do, once achieved it creates a feel good feeling and makes you want to achieve that much more! So what is vital is to focus on what it is that you actually really want out of all the different aspects, situations in your life.

Making time for yourself to sit down and have a good think of what it is that you want is a great way to go. We have provided simple visualisation techniques that will help you to change your outlook and of course your future.

How does it all work

You will be required to find a nice quiet place where you are sitting by yourself. Visualize a stereo system with a graphic equalizer, that has control buttons on it, so rather than it being a volume for your stereo visualize all your problems that concern you as an example in the case of say relationships so what you will find at the bottom of the scale is heartbreak and loneliness and of course on the top would be love and happiness, peace and contentment so this is where you need to aim your picture to be on the top of the control, so visualize yourself getting to the top and see the changes as you do go up. This simple action could help you to start learning to focus on the positive in any given situation.

Low end of scale >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> high end of scale

Heartbrake, loneliness                                                                                                                    love, happiness, peace etc.


Poverty, poor, debt                                                                                                                          financial freedom, wealth

Creating wealth

If you find that you are always on your lack of money that youo have, this will definitely make it more difficult for you to prosper.

Therefore imagine the control moving from poverty, debt, struggle to whatever that you find yourself thinking about re your money problems, better to perform this exercise and focus on the control moving upwards, therefore adjusting your money vibration twards wealth and abundance. You could see changes quickly so start now!

Think yourself rich

  • Do your best to keep negative words out of your vocabulary such as, hopeless, poor, I can’t etc.
  • Wear light green while you perform this visualisation and burn a light green candle for the added effects!


It is very simple to have a better relationship simply by changing your thinking habits. Possibly you find that the passion and romance has died in your relationship, or you are with the wrong person time after time.

  • It is good to start to write down the keywords about where your relationship is right now and where you really want to be.
  • Then you could also light a pink candle and as you visualize the control moving upwards as you feel that  happy glowy feeling spread throughout your body.

Think yourself happy

There are ways in which you can think yourself happy simply by doing the following:

  • Add Epsom salts to your bath which will help you to relax these salts will also assist with helping to remove the past hurts and grudges that you could be holding onto.
  • If you would like to remove negative thoughts and energies, you can place a lemon under your mattress for seven nights, after that you can through the lemon away.
  • Do love yourself more, every day try and do one kind thing for yourself and acknowledge why you did it for you!


There are so many people that are working in jobs and careers where they feel they are not fulfilled and are unhappy. Fear and lacking in confidence is what causes many people to aim way to low rather than going for the job that they really want. You can use this specific technique which in turn will help you to change your negative thoughts and any insecurities into self  belief.

  • Start with how you are feeling about your work right now, possibly as very stressed and unhappy. Then you can choose words that do represent how you would want to feel at work, such as challenged, excited, respected and rewarded. These techniques will help you to encourage success for yourself.

Think yourself successful.

  • You will need to think outside the square about ways that will work towards having the career you want and deserve.
  • Avoid using any negative words when you refer to your abilities. You do really need to be able to believe in yourself for others to believe in you.
  • Wear red as it is the ultimate color for power, ambition and of course success. So always dress to impress and you will!

In conclusion

The key to life change in any aspects of your life is of course a positive attitude, and of course belief and trust that all will be well! So start to focus on the good things that you want out of life, and keep the thoughts in the positive always!

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