The Sex You Really Need

The sex you really need and the sex you really want!!!!

If we lived in a perfect world then we all would be having mind blowing sex every single time we had it. But we are in the real world and we are not always going to feel satisfied. We all have needs and desires but men cannot read our minds, The key here is to communicate your needs so it will help him improve his performance.

The sex you really need

The sex you really need

It is important to have a positive attitude in the bedroom, if you are being negative then you will be met with negativity on his part also. What needs to be understood is that male and female sexual self esteem is fragile.

Never make a negative statement in the bedroom rather than saying I hate it when you do that, better to state I love it when you do it this way. Focus on the positive to get more of what you want.

Bad romance 

There is a time and a place for the wham bam, thank you, ma'am hard and fast sex. This could be all fun and very exhilarating, more than likely you would react very well to this the first time that it happens, of course your partner will think that you are into this every single time.

Wrong, now and again is fine, there are times where you just want to make love to the person, rather than be waking your neighbors up.

If you like things to start off slow then do tell your partner. It is very rare when a man will turn around and do the opposite. When you are turned on this turns out to be his ultimate turn-on cause he feels he got you there.

There is no need for you to feel scared when you want something that is specific, as his ideas on romantic sex will be much different to yours.

He is not just there for his own satisfaction he does want to make sure that you are satisfied also as that is part of his mission, therefore he does need to know what works for you.

Upstairs, downstairs 

Well you will find that some men enjoy this and there are others that dont. And there are other men that are simply shy.

Believe it or not there are some men that are not sure how to do this, or they might have feelings of doubt and not know whether you are into oral sex or not.

If your partner is in this category you can give them some hints whilst you are in a passionate moment you could say to them "I would just love to feel your tongue, or I would love to feel your mouth down here"

If you feel that is way to forward for you then you could get the message across with body language. You can push his head in the direction that you want it to go to.

When he eventually does venture down there you can give your man verbal encouragement when he gets it right. The more noise you make the better. No one can give a man a better map to your body than yourself.

A is for arousal 

Us women are built differently to men. When a man is shown a pair of boobs, or he sees a pictue of a set of boos well he will stand to attention and be ready for action.

For a woman arousal is much slower and men can find this frustrating or confusing. If you feel things are happening way to fast why not you take charge.

Men have a preference to be touched in their more sensitive parts sooner, where as women enjoy to be touched on the face, arms, legs, back, etc prior to their intimate areas are touched.

What the experts suggest and highly recommend that you try this strategy by touching his chest, fact, massaging his back and butt this will allow him to appreciate foreplay.

If you find that he is not getting the message then you will have to be direct and up front with him and tell him straight by saying "I really want to enjoy this, let's make it last".

To-do list 

We all have fantasies  such as wanting to have sex in public, trying out a threesome or role-play and when we talk to our partners about the fantasies it can be awkward, you can work your way around this by having a sexy to do list.

This will benefit your sex life and can create a lot of fun. When you act out your fantasies it can create an erotic energy and spice things up, you can always share your fantasy by whispering it in to your partner's ear when you are in the heat of  the moment this would intrigue him and turn him on even more.

 Talking dirty is also a turn on for men if you are not game enough to do this then you can use the "dream fantasy trick" instead.

You could tell him that you had a sexy dream and use the dream to get your fantasy across to him. If you tell him how hot the dream made you feel and how you would love it to come true in this way it will be so much easier to discuss.



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