The Secret To Overcoming Heartbreak

What we resist persists – the secret to overcoming heartbreak & grief

We've heard this before: "What you resist, persists." The most common context is the Law of Attraction and manifestation teachings.

Manifestation is not only about what we want and desire – its about aligning these wants with Divine Intentions. When these are aligned, we will see the world support us and we will live our lives in full, authentic, loving Truth-filled ways.

Let's look at "What you resists, persists" in relation to our inner experience

We resist our ideas about reality. We want our reality to be a certain way – and when it’s not we have inner resistance because we want things how they were and how we expect them to be.

We reject our immediate experience.

The difference between our reality and what we want/expect it to be causes our pain and suffering.

 We resist and reject the pain – we think “I don’t want this” and we make it go away by resisting it.

The resistance causes more pain to persist – we resist even more – and it creates a downward spiral that creates even more pain.

Stop Resisting Pain – Today

Stop resisting pain. Acknowledge: "Pain is in my experience right now. I may not like it. It may not feel good. And, I accept that it is here right now."

With this attitude, some of the pain goes away – your energy will cause the pain to dissipate. Over time you will have less rejection which means less pain. Eventually the pain goes away when we stop resisting.

Instead of being a downward spiral, we create an upward spiral towards higher living.

This is a secret to overcoming heartbreak and grief.

So many people are scared that when they actually stop and experience their pain they will be overwhelmed so they shut off those emotions.

Alternatively those who belive that if they just feel their pain constantly it will eventually go away – not necessarily true.

If you are simply reliving the past and remaining stuck on replay you are still resisting the present moment. This constant replaying will perpetuate your pain.     

The pain persists because we resist it -either by pushing it away and trying not to feel it- or by feeling it and saying "It shouldn't be this way."

Escape The Pain Cycle

You can escape either or BOTH of these cycles and fully accept your pain for what it is. You will learn to live in the present moment without judging your pain or expecting it to be any other way than what it is.

So ask yourself again…

Is it true that what you resist persists?

You decide. :)


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