The Power of Positive Affirmations

By using the power of positive affirmations you can achieve your dreams that you so desire. Every thought you have is like an affirmation, that is why it is so important that what ever you think that it is in the positive.

So whatever it is you want to affirm in your life whether it is better health, the perfect partner, prosperity, happiness, success, greater self esteem, the courage to face life’s many challenges, or anything that it is you want and wish for you do have the power to accomplish this and more.

Power of positive affirmations

Power of positive affirmations

No doubt you have had enough of repeating old patterns, which continually are sabotaging your future. You want to embrace a new life for yourself as you have had enough of the past the creeps into the present.

You want to experience, your life the way you envision it. Well you can achieve all this just like many others have with the power of positive affirmations.

The power of it all lies in the now, as the past is gone never to return and you cannot change it well tomorrow is always uncertain so all you are left with is NOW. So if you really do want to change your life then start now, this very moment, this is within your power and your choice.

To true our lives are an outer manifestation of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Patterns that we have developed since childhood. Our early life experience creates our current behavioural pattern. There are various  techniques that will help you identify any invalid beliefs that you are holding on to and target them with powerful positive affirmations, which will help implant a new belief that will help support you towards what you really want to achieve.

If you choose to embrace any of these ideas or techniques be prepared for your life to change and all your dreams will be within reach.

So try and imagine the following for yourself

  • Feeling great about yourself and what you can achieve in your life
  • Feeling the flush of success and achievement
  • Experience new found freedom, happiness and joy
  • Having the power to choose your own path in life
  • Being and feeling happier and healthier than you ever had
  • Achieving all the things you seek and ask for in life
  • Attracting and manifesting your ideal partner
  • Achieving your ideal weight and so much more

It can be all yours and more, as there are many  successful people today who have gone this road to success simply by changing their thoughts to the positive. So if you start thinking like a winner you will be a winner.

The only thing that prevents you from achieving your dreams is your thoughts and all that can be changed simply with a positive thought.

Here we have some actual positive affirmations that you can recite as often as you feel like the more often you recite the more it will become a belief. Do alter the affirmation to suit yourself.

  • I am so grateful and my life is wonderful
  • I am worthy of love and I adore myself
  • I am relaxed, serene and peaceful
  • I am highly successful
  • Smiling naturally occurs for me
  • I laugh often
  • My business is growing every day
  • My finances are continually increasing
  • I radiate love and light where ever I go
  • I am deeply grateful for the good in my life
  • I feel free and happy
  • I have great potential to achieve anything in life
  • I am very intelligent and love learning
  • I have an adventurous spirit
  • All my relationships are thriving
  • I am healthy, wealthy and wise

So it is up to you to create a list that suits you, make sure it is written in the NOW, and believe, do say these affirmations on a daily basis as this does reinforce the new belief.


When you set out to affirm a new life for your self it is very important that you do have a good think of what you will like to manifest and change in your life. As what you ask for you will receive. Make sure that you always affirm in the positive, and as you use your affirmations on a daily basis, watch and enjoy your new life unfold.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Claude M. Bristol.

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