Ten Tips On How To Beat Anxiety

How To Beat Anxiety

Everybody can experience anxiety from time to time, it is a normal response to experience when you feel threatened in any given situation. It is when our anxiety trigger is over active and not working properly this is when we can experience anxiety to a point where it will affect our lives and relationships with others. This is where you will need to know how to beat anxiety to get your life back.

There are cures for anxiety.

There are cures for anxiety.

It is important that you do understand when you are experiencing anxiety and that it is really overwhelming you that you are not able to function properly. This is when you really should seek help and find ways in which to over come this disorder. Here we have ten great ways in which you can get help with anxiety.

1. Therapy

If your anxiety levels are over the top then it is good for you to seek treatment, if you invest time with a good therapist they will be able to assist you to get to the root of your problem, and will be able to assist you with finding ways to overcome your anxiety. A good therapist will have many tools on offer to assist you to beat anxiety.

2. Support group

When you are experiencing chronic anxiety then it would help you greatly to join a support group, this will make you aware that you are not the only one suffering and there are others who suffer also. At a support group you will find people at  various stages of healing their anxiety. With group support there would be various discussions on how people have overcome it and ways that self help can be achieved. So it would be worth your time to join a support group.

3. Knowledge

Read, read, read get your hands on any self help books, audios or DVD’s that will be able to assist you to get over your anxiety disorder, the more information you get the more knowledgeable you will become in helping yourself and others too. Who knows where all this knowledge will lead you to, you could possibly help others at support groups or establish your own support group.

4. Signs and symptoms

By doing a self analysis by recording and taking notes of all what you are experiencing under any given circumstances will help you get to the core of what is causing your anxiety disorder. Not only that if you do seek professional help you will be able to have all this information to hand which will make it easier for the person to be able to assist you.

5. Triggers

Once you have assessed your signs and symptoms you can start to identify what the triggers are to cause these anxious moments. This is where things will really start to unfold for you and you will find answers to help you understand better why this is happening to you.

6. Acceptance

When you understand what is happening to you it will make it so much more easier for you to accept that you do have anxiety disorder. This in turn should encourage you to seek help for yourself. The main factor here is that this is the first stepping stone to recovery.

7. Embrace life

There are people that get crippled by their anxiety disorder where their quality of life becomes very limited. Relationships suffer etc. This is why it is so important that you do your best to get back out their and start living life, do this in baby steps after all Rome was not built in a day. The more you attempt to get help the better off you are.

8. Treatment

This is where it becomes very important that you do keep up with any treatments that are proving to be effective in helping you to get back on track in managing your anxiety levels. Do not be tempted to allow yourself to recede back into your mental shell. This is easily done that is why it is very important that you stay focused and keep up with your treatments, and anything more that does assist you.

9. Meditation and Affirmations

To help you with your anxiety you can learn to meditate, you could also find within your mind a safe haven have a mental picture of a place that you feel happy and safe in, when you experience anxiety you can mentally go there. Also consider affirmations to help you overcome anxiety.

You can write an affirmation down on a whiteboard or on a piece of cardboard and keep it with you throughout the day, and keep reaffirming the affirmation. Do this for a week then change it to another affirmation and repeat that for a week and continue to change your affirmations weekly.

10 Vision Board

Think positive stay positive, what you can do is a vision board of what you want out of your life, what you will need to do is on a piece of cardboard paste a whole host of pictures that represent what you want to have in life. On a daily basis you can look at this board and see that your future is unfolding exactly how you want it to.


Anxiety disorder does affect your life and others around you, so the best thing that you can do for yourself is acknowledge and accept that it is happening and seek help if it is chronic, if it is  acute you could start to help yourself. So don’t let life slip you by get help today!

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