STOP Don’t Chase Men! Let Them Chase YOU!

Dont chase men let them chase you

Dont chase men let them chase you

Many women make a big mistake when they chase men they like. We are telling you know DON’T CHASE MEN! Of course there are many women that cannot understand the reason why they shouldn’t chase men. It really is that simple when you chase a man you will lose this man FAST. So if you want to keep him then DON’T CHASE HIM. Here we make the obvious reasons why you should not chase a man that you like once you understand the reasons why, it will all make sense and you will no longer want to chase him.

If you like him don’t chase him!

You notice someone that you really like and you find that you have a strong attraction to them and you make it obvious to them that you are attracted to them and they do not give you that much attention back, so you pump up your attention towards them, and then you start to really make it obvious that you want them to give you some attention back, eventually you start to become really bold in your chase and you openly start to make overtues that become uncomfortable to them as they are not attracted to you.

Or on the other hand you have met someone, or you have been dating someone for a period of time and you notice their interest is waning on you, so you start to pursue them by ringing them all the time, telling them that you will meet up with them, you start to do all the chasing and calling them and arranging the dates etc. What is happening is they are even moving away from you all the more! No doubt you thought by chasing him it would show to him that you really are into him and that you want him, well that is nice to know, but after all your chasing do realize that man has always been the hunter and he does not want to be hunted down by YOU! He would prefer to hunt you down and he will if he is attracted to you in a big way he will.

Leave it to him to chase you!

This is where the reality check sets in for many females that are dating men that they are attracted to and if they only bothered to sit back and let him do the calling, the constant texting and arranging dates to see each other she will know for sure how much he is attracted to her and really wants to be with her. If a man is attracted to you in a big way nothing will stop him in chasing you to get you, the reason for this is that he wants you big time!

Men enjoy the chase, and more so if you give them signs that you are attracted to them, and it is also wise to keep having your life and doing all the things you loved before you met him rather than putting your life on hold just in case he rings. This of course makes you that much more attractive and not only that you become that much more interesting to him, so he will chase you even more.

If a man has minimal attraction to you and has asked for your number, and possibly a date or tells you he will meet you at such and such, then know this man is not going to be chasing you as the attraction is not there for him. You will find out fast enough if you let him do the chasing after you, what you will find out is that he will fade out of your life very fast because he was not initially that attracted to you in the first place.

In conclusion

What is important for every woman to know is that if a man is really attracted to you then he will pursue you and nothing will stand in his way in getting you, and if he is not attracted to you in a big way, well you will know if you let him chase you, and you will find out fast as he will not hang around! So be smart let the man chase you, and this will definitely make you aware that yes he is attracted to you in a big way. Now this is the one for you! Why BECAUSE HE IS INTO YOU!


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