Single Scene Dating – Is He Interested In You Or Not

Single Scene Dating fun

Single Scene Dating fun

You are back on the single scene dating men and you want to know whether he is interested in you or is he a player or the famous saying “I am just not that into you”. If you have the insights that tell you what you need to know then you can either continue dating him or let him go. Here we have the red hot signals that tell you what you need to know about single scene dating him to find out is he the right one for you.

So if he is not that into you or he is trying to have sex with you and you can identify with three or more of any of the following well this will tell you that yes he is not into you so move on to find Mr Into You.

1. He asks you to go out with him to places such as clubs and bars or other places that involve drinking, so if he really did like you for more than sexual reasons, then of course he would ask you to places where it gives you both the opportunity to get to know each other because he really is interested in you.

2. What you find that he will ring you from time to time and there can be times where you will not hear from him up to a week. If he is interested in you he will be calling you often as he wants to maintain the contact with you and of course he will see you more often and book in dates with you in advance.

3. You find that his cell phone is not something that he will let you look at freely rather he will stand over you if you look through his photo gallery, or his phone is always in his care he will not leave it lying around, if you really want to test him grab his phone to say you want to check out his messages if he reacts then you know something is a miss. Obviously he not only has your text messages but others that he does not want you to be aware of.

4. Only contact is through text or online chat if this is the case then his attention is devoted elsewhere which includes communicating with other women. So it is an obvious factor that he is really not interested in you at all. Of course he will communicate with you just in case he will be able to get sex a bit further down the track with you.

5. The times that you see him you find that he is trying to always initiate sex to happen between you, rather than trying to get to know you. What you find is that if a man is interested in you as a person will of course be horny and feeling sexual inside of himself for you but he will contain this as he wants to get to know you better and he does not want you to think that all he is interested in you is sex thus avoiding a bad impression.

6. He tells you where he is off to and what he is doing but will not invite you, as an example he could send you a text on a Saturday evening telling you which bar he will be at this leaves the door open for him in the event you do not turn up he has other women that he can pick from.

7. You find that upon meeting him and up until now he has never been nervous or uncertain around you, as men that are interested in a woman will be careful about what they do say and do around her, it might not be very visible that they are nervous but they also will not be cocky within themselves or overbearing and loud either.

8. If he makes plans to see you again and they are open ended such as lets get together some time, or we should meet again one day etc. this is telling you he is not interested but if he makes definite plans with you then you know for sure he is interested as an example “Are you free this Friday as we can go see the latest movie if you like”

9. He goes out with his mates a lot to clubs and bars without you, which of course are great ways to meet men and women but they are also great ways in meeting someone to have casual sex or a one night stand.

10. He avoids spending Friday and Saturday night with you, the reason for this is that he is out and about meeting new girls, and of course the potential to get sex and he is looking for something better to come his way and it is definitely not you.

11. He does not instigate to spend time with you such as hanging out together regularly or he choses to spend time with his mates or watch sports games and he always has excuses as to why he has to cancel a date with you.

12. He openly tells you that he is not looking for a relationship. Well he is being honest with you so do believe him when he tells you that.

13. He calls you at a moments notice to tell you he wants to see you, the reason he does this because he wants to still meet others and you are the last option. If he really was interested in you he would plan ahead to see you.

In conclusion

So if he displays any signs that he is not into you then girlfriend do move on and do not think that you will be able to change his mind! If he never was initially attracted to you in a big way in the first place you will never be it at all. So do give up don’t wait for change, move on and get a man that is into you.

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