Signs You Are In An Unhappy Marriage

A marriage to work does require effort on both parties. You can’t think that you will get married and all will smell like roses throughout your marriage. Well it does take two to tango and if that is not happening then it is time you looked at signs to an unhappy marriage. This will help you get it all back on track again by knowing what you need to look out for.

Here are the unhappy marriage signs that you need to look out for.

1. Disrespect and frequent arguments.

If you find that you are constantly in disagreements and having arguments between yourselves then this is a big indicator that things are not going well in your marriage. Also any abusive behavior or disrespect is also a great indicator that things are not going well.

Unhappy Marriage

Unhappy Marriage?

There are couples that will resort to name calling, hurtful behavior and will bring up issues with the intent to hurt the other person.

There are couples that will throw things at each other and get violent or curse each other. Basically you are getting the drift of what I am pointing out to you, if you can identify with this then you know it is a sure sign that your in an unhappy marriage.

2. Communication breakdown

You find that you no longer communicate like you used to, you keep your distance, and if any conversation is to be had it erupts into arguments. Couples can also stop sharing their feelings and thoughts and do not bother to consult each other about home or personal issues. When a couple is in a marriage that is going downhill usually will try and keep themselves busy with other distractions this helps to avoid the real issues.

3. Lies and secrets

With a marriage break down many couples will become secretive about their activities. As an example their cell phone rings and they take the call in another room away from your ear shot this is a sign that you really have to look into further.

You also find that they are lieing to you about their wear abouts etc on top of that you no longer talk about a future together. This is a sign that your partner no longer shares any hopes of a future with you.

4.Separate lives

You find that you are no longer spending time with each other like you used to, as they are spending more time with friends rather than with you. They are also working longer hours, have new interests in other hobbies etc. They spend all their time on the internet. Basically you feel that you are living separate lives. This is a marriage that is breaking down fast.

5. Intimacy and Affection

You are finding that there is a lack of intimacy and affection between you such as kisses hugs and compliments. You find that your partner could start comparing you with others or will praise others in front of you. You also find that there is no hand holding either, and you find that they are sleeping in another bed. When there is a total or lack of interest with intimacy with a spouse then do look out for this sign.

6. Addictions

Having an addiction such as drug usage or excessive alcohol consumption can cause problems in a relationship in a big way. If  your partner has just started this addiction then it is also a sign of  an unhappy marriage.

7. Cheating

Once an affair is under way this can tear a marriage apart in more ways than one. Many couples that are not happy in their marriage rather than trying to resolve their issues will go out of their way to cheat instead. Initially they do this to have a fling on the side, and as time passes and they get more involved with their affair, it gets harder for them to conceal this until eventually you do catch them out.

8. Selfishness

When your partner stops caring for your needs and displays selfish behavior and feelings then you will also know that the love has stopped and the marriage is on its way out.

9. Great Expectations

When people get married they get unrealistic expectations of their partner and when they are not fulfilled the marriage becomes an unhappy one. There are also situations where a couple was in love fall out of love and lose all interest in their partner.

10. Issues

There are so many issues that can lead to a break up of a marriage such as work pressures, money problems, children, friends, tiredness, depression, illness etc.


Once you start experiencing any of these signs in a marriage you know that it is time to either let go and break up or look for ways to improve it and get it back on track. Communication is the key. So start looking for solutions, seek help and guidance from professionals.




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