Signs He’s Just Not Into You

You Are Dating A Person And You Want To Know "Signs He's Just Not Into You" To Look Out For, Well We Have 20 Signs For You To Go By!

So you've been on a couple of dates with this guy who you've fallen head over heels for, or you're trying to decide how he feels about you before you decide on how to feel about him. You look for signs he's just not into you, just in case.

We all know and are aware that there are no set hard and fast rules, but these have been tested and tried pointers:

 1. The way he looks at you:

Everyone knows the eyes are the windows to the soul. When a man is in love with a woman, so no matter how he tries you will always see a light in his eyes when you enter a room, or the way he will look at you when he thinks that you are not looking.
 2. He has never taken you home:

He is well aware that when you meet his mother then it becomes official. So if he has not taken you to meet his mother then you do have reasons to think that he is not into you.
 3. His real friends you have never met them:

His real friends that are close to him are like family, when a man wants to let you into their life they will want you to meet their closest friends.
 4. You only have his phone number:

You do not know where he works or where he lives. If all you do is meet at movies, restaurants and friends houses, you could be dealing with an armed robber for all you know.
 5. What is your favorite color?

Every couple all get to a certain level of intimacy. If the man is really interested in you then he would know some intimate little details about you and remember them even though he doesn't know your favorite color.
 6. Self Adoration

He's always yapping about how awesome he is, and how lucky you are to have him: If he's always talking about himself, and shows no interest in you, run sister, run!
 7. The Ex factor:

When he can't stop bickering about his ex – good or bad, it's a sign that he still has some emotional baggage he's carrying and he's not fully ready to move on.
 8. There is no comprise:

A man that is in love with a woman will bend over backwards for her time and again.

If a man cannot go out of his way for you and can't make any sacrifices for you then he is not worth your time.
 9. He adds no value to you:

A relationship should be complimentary, if you've not improved as a person since the day you met- you're probably worse.
 10. He talks of the present only:

The reason for this is he has no plans with you in mind not now or the future you are there because he is having fun with you only.
 11. Every hot girl that walks past his eyes will follow them:

No need to say more?  Obviously he has eyes for everyone except for you.
 12. He shows no interest in your ambitions, career or dreams.

Whenever you have talked about your dreams, ambitions  or how you would like to further your career he has shown no interest and changes the subject.

13. When you start an intimate conversation he becomes distant:

Men are not on the same emotional frequency as women are, but when he is obviously distant this happens when he has no interest in you or what is important to you.
 14. You do the calling, texting, and birthday gifts:

Well are you serious? By chance if you do make more than what he does, every man does have his pride – and when he is in love especially.
 15. He is super eager to see you in your birthday suit:

Many men can't wait, but if they do like you then they will have the respect for you to abide by your wishes and they would put thought into how it would happen.
16. He is looking for a tall, slim and homely woman to marry:

Well your career is moving fast forward and you carry a bulky middle belt… and you look at yourself and you know that you do not fit the description of his ideal future wife.
 17. Your friends

He can't stop mentioning your best friend every other minute in the conversation.
 18. He does nothing  to make things happen between you and his mom, as he knows he will not be marrying you without her blessing:

Putting mom aside for a moment you will know if the man does love you by the way his friends and family respond to you.   
19. Your Gut Instincts

You get a feeling within in your gut-not cold feet, a feeling of real intuition – and you just cannot shake it off that he is definately not the one.
 20. Rules There Are None:

This is a difficult one to swallow but yes it is true. There are some men that are like pimps; they do play a game that you will see that nothing is untoward or is amiss.

Do be careful, above all be discerning and do listen to any advice that is good from your friends, family and your spiritual advisers if you can get this.

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