How To Be A Sexy Woman

Ooh Sexy Lady

Ooh Sexy Lady

Aah to become the sexy woman is a dream for many a woman as they know the more sexy they can be the more attractive they become to men. So what is it that you can do to become the sexy woman in more ways than one. Of course the problem for many women is they think that they can never look sexy but the trick here is to feel sexy, once you are able to feel sexy well it all starts to unfold in more ways than you imagine.

Sexy woman secret exposed

Any woman that wants to look sexy has to FEEL SEXY, once this is felt and you believe that you are sexy and more, you will naturally start to change the way you walk, talk, sit, even your appearance will change. The more you feel sexy the more you will start to change the way you look, as long as you do not go overboard such as expose way too much flesh or start to wear super tight clothes, or ultra short skirts, dresses or shirts if this happens you have gone overboard! And men will perceive you in a different light such as slutty not sexy.

Men find you sexy when you know how to flirt and use your mind

Men appreciate and enjoy the company of a woman that knows how to flirt using her mind, it is in the words in subtle ways, where she can get his attention to think along a track that he is being seduced and flirted with in a subtle way. So think of ways in which you can flirt with his mind toss in some seductive looks and feminine charm and you will have him eating out of your hand.

Men find you sexy when you are confident especially in those high heels

Men love women that show confidence in who they are as a woman, and it shows in the way you talk, dress, smile, sit, stand, it is all there to see, a confident woman speaks in a slow sexy voice and he takes note of it all and absorbs all of you, he finds it sexy that you also know how to walk in those high heels that flatter your legs and he knows that you have it all.

Men find your intelligence and sense of humor sexy.

That is right if you show your intelligence and are able to challenge him in ways that he can challenge you back, and that you can make him laugh well he will become that much more attracted to you, as he knows that he can have great times with you and that you will be more fun to be with than his mates.

Men find you sexy when you are very feminine in yourself.

What every woman should know is that the more feminine you are the more men will be attracted to you, so pull out the perfume, get sexy underwear in various colors, red is the color that will stir his passion for you. So if you love your little black dress wear red underwear underneath, where he can see a touch of it. So be all feminine in what you choose to wear, whether it is going on an evening out together, day wear or night wear, let it be feminine but sexy, also alluring in the same breath. You can make it happen just by choosing to properly coordinate what you wear and the underwear you choose to wear underneath.

Men find womens eyes and lips very sexy

This is where a woman can take it to her advantage and highlight her eyes and lips so they do stand out and he does take note that you have a certain allure about your eyes and lips, a healthy diet will help your eyes sparkle, and add some nice lip gloss to make those lips shine! Make your lips look like they are made for kissing!

The complete sexy you!

You want to be sexy, well feel sexy in the way you dress, feel the different textures on your skin, come alive to all your senses and use them all to assist you to become the sexy you that you have allowed to lay dormant in. The more you feel sexy the more it will radiate out of you, so next time before you step out the door, have a good look in the mirror and check to see if you have that sexy look about you, once you feel satisfied step out the door with a confident sexy feeling and enjoy your day/evening being sexually confident in who you are as a woman!

In conclusion

To become the sexy woman all you have to do to start the process is to believe and feel that you are sexy, then add to it to make it happen for you inside and out. What really will help you achieve all this is to believe in the magic of you as a person, that you do have it regardless of your size, color, height etc. do not let anything hold you back in your belief that you cannot be that, everybody has it, and it is time to set yourself free and claim the sexy woman inside of you and let her shine that sexiness to all.


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