Sex On The First Date – Should You Or Shouldn’t You

Should you have sex on the first date

Should you have sex on the first date

Is it right or is it wrong to have sex on the first date. For men it is acceptable if they do but where women are concerned it can become a big question mark. There are men that do not care if a woman has sex with him on the first date, and he will continue to respect and treat her right throughout their relationship, where as there are other men that will not think too highly of a woman that did sleep with him on the first date, his thoughts of course would be that she is easy, and she sleeps with men that she hardly knows and this could be a big turn off for him, not only that there is no chase and he has been given everything he wants on a platter.

Sex on the first date does it lead to a great relationship?

For some people where they have been opened minded enough about it all, yes it does work, where they will pursue a relationship with a woman as they do not perceive her in any light rather they see it as they are attracted to her and are enjoying her company and her presence and want to see more of her. There have been many great relationships that have evolved from having sex on the first date.

On the other hand there have been many occasions where a woman has never had sex on the first date, and thinks well why not I will do it and see what it is all about, and of course she tells the guy she is on the date with that this is the case. Well many men have heard this line so many times that they will doubt your words when you tell them that.

There are many men that will not really bother with a woman after they got sex with her on the first date, they will continue with a relationship with her which will be purely sexual based as he could be sexually attracted to her. And no he will not take her seriously rather he will let the relationship unfold which will only be more sex based than anything else. I am sorry but you will end up being his booty call!

sex on teh first dateIt is all about respect

There are many women that will seize the opportunity to have sex with someone as they have been without for a long time they come across desperate and to top it off, they could end up with an STD. It is far better to be reasonable and logical and wait till it feels right for you, and you get to know your potential sex partner that much better. Why rush if he thinks you are worth waiting for he will. This also gives you the opportunity to find out what he is all about also such as is he only interested in having sex with you or is he interested in pursuing a relationship with you. So it does work in your favour when you choose not to have sex on your first date.

By respecting yourself you are also showing the man that you are seeing that you demand this respect for yourself and you know your worth, also you exude confidence in yourself and you know that you are all that and more. He will of course pick up on this and of course will treat you with the respect that you deserve and demand of him. It also provides the perfect foundation for a potential love relationship to unfold for you.

Unfortunately there are many women that will have sex on the first date and then wonder why he never rings them or totally disappears from their life. And they will do it again and again and end up being single and lonely year after year wondering why they cannot have a relationship or why isn’t it happening to them.


A smart woman always looks after number one which is herself, she knows what men are all about and she knows that all men enjoy a sexual romp and are happy to be on their way again. This is where she will date a man to find out what he is all about, whether he is worthy of her time, and her love, she will get to know him as a friend first, and explore and discover all his qualities, all along being her innocent flirty self where she will seduce the man with her eyes and flirtatious ways.

Once she knows she really has him and his intentions are not only sex based she will then let him experience a sexual encounter with her, and the reason why she allows that sexual encounter to happen? Because she wants to know whether he is a lousy lover or a great lover! And of course whether she should invest any more of her own time in whether she really wants to get to know the man.

So be a smart woman if you really want a man that is in to you and wants you for you, let him wait and he will if he is really interested and attracted to you.

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