Romantic Signs Of Attraction

Romantic gestures lead to romance.

Romantic gestures lead to romance.

Are you looking for romantic signs of attraction that will tell you that he is romantically inclined towards you? Our body will speak the language of romance for us through our facial expressions, eyes, and of course body movements will all express romantic signs of attraction in a romantic or intimate relationship with someone. We provide you with the romantic signs of attraction for you to explore and see if it is happening in your relationship.

It is in the eyes

Our eyes express many emotions and signs of attraction. They are able to show and express flirty ways, seduction, and so much more than words can ever convey. When eye contact is maintained and held with intensity this is a sure fire sign that they are into you. Another way that shows that someone is attracted to you is they will catch your eye, then look away, then back at you again. If they look at you once and do not look back again then you know that they are not interested in you at all.

Smile And Facial Expressions

When a smile is directed at you this is a great indicator that you are liked. It also means that they are truly interested in you, are comfortable and enjoying being with you. When we flirt our eyebrows will also raise themselves unconsciously.

The touch speaks volumes

When people are attracted to each other leaning forward is not enough, this is when they will try and close the distance between them, through touch such as a light tap or a stroking of the arm where this could send electric signals to another person. This is where just to be able to touch you a person that is highly attracted to you, will find something on your face or clothes as a reason to touch you.

Men and women are different

Women are able to send more signals of attraction than men, a woman has more flirting habits and most of them are done intentionally. This is where a woman will play with her hair, toss it over her shoulder, play with  a glass of wine or champagne in her hands etc. Women are also able to use their lips such as biting and licking their lips, putting on their lipstick, eating or drinking slowly etc are moves which a woman will make if she is interested in you. Where as men will try and appear masculine, where they are able to show their women what they look like in their full length. This is where they will try and stand taller, square their shoulders, or hook their thumbs into their belt for that mucho look. And unconsciously they will also touch their collar or tie and if they do well they find you irresistible.

Signals Of An Invitation

No doubt to determine if someone is interested in you, this is where you would take note of things such as prolonged eye contact, smiling back, raising of eyebrows, laughing with you, leaning toward you during conversation, closing the distance between you through touch, mirroring moves, preening etc. If you received these signs then there is a great chance for you to experience more than just attraction only.

Signals that say I am not interested in you

You will know if  a person is not interested in you when they do not give you a second glance, also if they are getting bored or show that they are not interested in you such as letting their eyes wander, sign, yawn, have a neutral or passive facial expression.

In conclusion

When you want to know if there is a possibility of romance with someone that you meet then look out for the romantic signs of attraction that state that they are attracted to you in a big way, this of course gives you indicators that it can lead to romance and love! If they are not showing you any signs of interest then do move on and let go for good. Nothing much is going to happen at all with a person that is just not attracted to you!

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