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Experiencing Problems With Your Partner And You Would Like To Repair Relationship? Here We Have The Answers For You!

Things have changed in your relationship it does not feel the same any more and you want to repair relationship.

You just know it when a relationship your in feels right it gives you a warm and cosy feeling like an old slipper.

If you are experiencing problems with your partner then you can repair relationship

If you are experiencing problems with your partner then you can repair relationship

You feel a sense of belonging and closeness. You know that you can rely on him as every thing feels fine. If you are no longer feeling this in your relationship, then maybe its time to consider relationship repair.

Read on to find out why relationships go cold and how you can make it warm and cozy again.

When you initially meet some one for the first time, it is not difficult to be polite and nice towards each other. You are content and happy in his presence and meeting each other's needs are easy.

As what happens in many relationships, along the way, the warmth and cosiness can fade away and what is left are two lonely and isolated people. The honeymoon period is most definately finished and deterioration has started to occur.

Often the point at which it started to go wrong went unnoticed. You just both woke up one day to find that you weren't even quite sure that you liked each other anymore.

There are many contributing factors that can take the love out of a relationship. There are relationship experts that state that they know which relationships are doomed from the start simply by the way couples treat one another in the beginning of a relationship.

The biggest killers of any relationship are contempt, anger and resentment.

If these feelings towards your partner are experienced on a regular basis then there is a good chance that the relationship will be doomed in the long term, even though you think it is all ok now.

You may think why do we exhibit these traits within a relationship? As is the case when we initially meet for the first time, our partner appears perfect, when we move past this phase, it is then we become more aware of his imperfections.

The disappointment experienced can be totally unexpected and hard to bear. What was endearing to us in the beginning of the relationship can turn out to be the very things that irritate us once we get to know him better.
 Many of our responses are to do with how we expect our man to behave in the relationship and these expectations and reactions are often learned from our parents.

In our growing years we witnessed how our parents dealed with their relationships and these behaviours and patterns that have been learnt get carried over into our relationships.
 Resentment starts to accumulate in relationships when our man does not act according to our expectations and therefore we feel that we are not getting our needs met.

Often we are simply expecting too much and we can't expect him to meet our needs when we don't know how to communicate them effectively.

If anger has been learned to be exhibited as a response, then this will be our response and we become a naturally angry person.

If we were taught to repress this anger, then we would accumulate resentment and are not able to express how we really feel.

Resentment is often cloaked and is often displayed openly or subtly with contemptuous gestures that is eyebrow rolling, criticising or ignoring.

It is inevitable that we will continue these behaviours in our closest relationship, even though this may not be appropriate.
When contempt and anger is displayed our partner will become defensive and start to pull away. It can be difficult for him to communicate what he is feeling or what his needs are.

This builds barriers in relationships and leads to mistrust and isolation. A partner who feels hurt often feels justified in hurting the other and so a negative cycle of destruction begins.

When the communication break down occurs in the relationship what can we do to stop this and without needing relationship repair? 

You must keep in mind firstly that relationships require you to attain good habits and communication. If you ignore it, the good times will start to drift away.

Remember and accept that your partner is not perfect and stop the expectations. Instead of anger, resentment and contempt, show appreciation, affection and respect this will help keep it cosy and warm.

Most importantly, improve your communication skills so this allows both partners to get their needs met.

If you want a good relationship, don't leave it up to your man. Take responsibility for creating the strong, loving relationship that you want today.
To create a strong, loving relationship, then it is also important that you understand what actually makes a man feel good.

Men find a certain type of woman irresistable and are attracted to them easily.

This is the woman that knows how to captivate him and is able to communicate with him to get him close and he will respond in the ways that she wants.

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