Relationship Saver Ways To Get Your Relationship Back On Track

Things Are Not Going Well Betweeen You And Your Partner? And You Are After A Relationship Saver To Help You Re Establish The Relationship?

Do you want to know that if you start to use your head instead of your heart this can result in a relationship saver.

It is true that in a marriage or relationship, you have to feel with your heart, not just with logic. Yes there is a big difference. You may have just broken up with your mate or girlfriend/boyfriend.


There are ways that you can rescue your relationship and get it back on track

There are ways that you can rescue your relationship and get it back on track

Of course it is more than likely that you are feeling real down within your self. You feel as if your heart has been smashed into many pieces onto the floor. How to glue them back together again?

Yes it is very difficult but you can not follow your heart at this time. It is time for you to listen to what your head is telling you.
Admit it, what you would really like to do is chase down your ex, give him a good shake and beat some sense into him.

You have thoughts to yourself that if you do show your ex how much you do still love them and that you miss them then they will see the light and come running back into your arms again. Sorry, not gonna happen.
Do listen to your head and it will tell you what to do. Or of course what not to do. If you can calm down and think for a minute or two, you will surely realize that running after your mate is not a good thing to do. So what is it that will actually work for you? Ahh, glad you asked.
If you look inside your head, you will no doubt find your relationship savers right there. All the answers that you are looking for are there and are waiting for you to use them and put into a plan of action.

Here are a few examples:

Take a break from your ex lover.

You do not stalk or follow your ex around. No emails, texting or phone messages. Do something with your life.
When we say a break that means that it is a real break where there is no contact whatsoever, for a couple of weeks, this will give you both time out to think over things and get a real perspective on the situation.

Another good thing about this time out is that you will not look desperate and needy. These two character traits are not very attractive, as you certainly know. Where your ex is concerned you should do a total disappearing act if possible.
Let them think where you are and how you are as you have not contacted them. Soon he will ask himself why he has not heard from you in so long.

So whatever problems you have, or whatever happens, do try and work it out on your own.

Find ways that you can do this yourself rather than calling up your ex. Why not ask another person to do it, or choose to go under, over or around your problem. There is always an answer, if you put your mind to it you will find the answer.
And guess what? You will feel better, and very pleased with yourself afterwards. You will be able to cope with it all if you allow yourself to try.

If you do not give it a go, how would you possibly know if you can do this or not? You really can cook a complete meal, or put air in your tires, or change a light bulb.

What is happening you are becoming self reliant and independant. This will stand you in good stead and make you more appealing to your ex, or with any one else if you choose to date later on.
When you use rational logic this does make for a great relationship saver.

Simple and to the point.

Any fire or passion that you have for your ex will still be brightly burning within your heart. That is good. Do turn this down for a while so it will not affect you too much within this critical time frame.
 In a week or two you can begin to make contact with your former mate, to see if you can put your twosome back together again.

This is the stage where you can start to show some love and excitement towards him/her. Using this total combination of strategies will assist you in winning your ex back.

For everything there is a time and place such as for clear and rational thinking, and time for ardor and love.

Make sure you use each one at its proper time, and it will be your own personal relationship saver.

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