Rejection Hurts – Learn How You Can Bounce Back FAST!

Rejection hurts

Rejection hurts

In the course of life men and women have both experienced rejection. Of course we all know that rejection hurts but what is best of course is to get over it fast. Once you realize that you are not the only one that has experienced rejection then it will make it easier to let go and move on from it all. So admire the male that had the guts and some confidence to approach you only to find that you rejected his attempts of starting a conversation with you, it took a lot for him to walk over to you.

Next time a guy comes up to you to have a chat rather than rejecting him out right, give him a compliment and send him on his merry way, this leaves his confidence in tact and he appreciates that you were decent and honest enough with him in the first place. What you could say to be inoffensive is something along the lines of  “look it really was nice of you to approach me, I admire your style, but I am not attracted to you, so enjoy your evening”.

For a woman that pursues a male that she really likes and he turns around and tells her that she does not do it for him, then it is best that she accepts this with a smile and tells him that is all fine by you as you prefer someone that is into you. So by saying something onlong those lines it is showing that you are ok with it all and that you respect and value yourself enough to want to be with someone that is into you and that is great.

Men experience rejection when they approach women, where as women experience rejection after an initial encounter. Women have to wait for men to approach them first more often than not so a womans experience with rejection is not as great as what men experience in the rejection department.

Seeing rejection in the positive light

When you are able to see the positive side of rejection you will not feel that rejection hurts any longer, rather you will see it as a blessing in disguise, what is happening really is that you are not getting rejected as such, what is really happening is that the person is not really attracted to you, and rather than stringing you along, and possibly just use you for sex they have basically walked away from you and left you to find someone that is genuinely attracted to you!

So next time you get the “rejection” experience happening to you see it as a positive after all it is better to be with some one that really wants to be with you, and possibly in time fall in love with you and have a great relationship with you, rather than end up being with someone that is not into you, that will use you, then dump you because something better has come along.

Rejection is part of the dating scene so if you see it in a different positive perspective you will become immune to experiencing the pain of rejection because you see it in its true light, it is all part and parcel of  finding out whether there is a real attraction for each other or not. The man checks the territory out, sees what he likes, stakes it goes to claim it and finds either she is not interested or that he really is not that attracted after all. Same goes for women once he approaches and she gets to acquaint herself she is either attracted or not interested.









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