Quit Smoking The Easy Way

Quit Smoking The Easy Way And How To Stay Motivated And Stick With It

By quitting cigarettes you are headed towards a healthier and better quality of life. Listed below are 5 steps that will help you stay motivated to quit smoking the easy way for good.

Consider hypnosis to quit smoking the easy way.

Consider hypnosis to quit smoking the easy way.

If you implement these strategies straight after you have made the decision to quit smoking, it will assist you to stay committed and become a permanent non smoker.

5 Simple Ways To Start Your Quit Smoking Journey

  1.  Throw out your smoking tools.
  2.  Advise all the people you know of your intention to quit smoking.
  3.  Be aware of the reasons why you choose to quit.
  4.  Know your foes
  5.  Improve your environment 

 1. Throw away your smoking tools
Doing this is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you start quitting, as it will be harder then to cheat yourself. What do we mean? Do not have anything associated with smoking in your home.
Most importantly, this means don't have ANY cigarettes or tobacco of any type inside your home.

Basically what could happen if tobacco or cigarettes are left lieing around that if a trigger for smoke is experienced you would find it easier to succumb to.

Many people think keeping a supply of tobacco in the home means they feel more able to quit, but mentally you are allowing yourself permission to cheat the moment things get tough.
Taking this even further, you should not keep ashtrays, matches, lighters or any of your other smoking paraphernalia.

Do make it tough for yourself to cheat and if you do choose to cheat make sure that it is difficult for yourself.

Strong cravings don't go on for more than about three minutes, whatever you can do to remain strong in those occasions can help you accomplish your smoke free ambitions. In the event you truly can't throw out an item, for instance if it was a present, give it to a family member for safe keeping, but make certain that it's out of the house.
 2. Tell everyone

 By doing this it is helping you to stick to your goal of quitting cigarettes. If no-one is aware you're quitting, then who cares if you don't manage? No, tell everyone, inform your family, friends and colleagues.

Tell them how determined you are to quit and that you would be grateful for any of their assistance and encouragement that they can offer you in your endeavours to quit.  
 3. Know why you chose to quit.
For what reason have you chosen to quit cigarettes? Is it due to health, finance, fitness or other valid reasons. Try to determine exactly what your reasons are for giving up smoking.

Put it in writing and place it in a place where you would see it on a daily basis. When you're finding it difficult, don't forget your top reasons, then take into account how well you have done up to now and realize that however much you crave a cigarette, it isn't going to last.

When you experience a strong craving and you are able to resist you will actually start to feel pleased with yourself and as time passes you would be able to list that down as a proud accomplishment.

4. Be aware of your pitfalls

Through out the day at particular times could become challenging than other times when giving up smoking.

A good example to understand is that you normally would enjoy a cigarette straight after a meal or whilst socialising.

Make a note of the times and situations you believe or recognize you are going to have difficulty. Having this awareness of when you can become very vulnerable this can all be avoided by doing something different.
By implementing a different routine or doing something different to change that "vulnerable" time trigger. If, for example, you must have your after-food smoke, take a stroll or tidy up.

By keeping yourself busy and active this will assist you to quit smoking easier, rather than say watching tv, reading, doing a crossword, where possibly you would reach out and have a smoke whilst doing these activities.
 5. Improve your environment
Spring clean your house, change the furniture around, get rid of any smoke odors if you were a person who smoked inside the home. Wash all your curtains, blinds and windows.

Clean your clothes. By doing a thorough spring clean and getting rid of any odors of stale smoke it will keep you motivated and assist you in sticking to your goal of not smoking.

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