Quick Boosters For Self Of Esteem

Keep your self esteem healthy

Keep your self esteem healthy

Do you find that your self of  esteem is at an all time low and it all happened gradually and before you even knew that it was happening. You can find ways in which you could give your self of esteem a quick boost that it will bring it back to those healthy levels that you had before. Of course life is lived in the fast lane

And you can at times become overwhelmed or you could experience a relationship breakup or break down, the loss of a job etc. The best thing you can do is take a step back and take a deep breath in, and relax and realize what is really happening to you. Allow your spirit to soar again do realize that all happens for a reason and you are in the right place at the right time, and try to do your best and understand the gift behind it all, thus this will let your self esteem re blossom. Here we have provide you with ways in which you boost your self of esteem whenever you think it requires it.

1. Your positive qualities

When you choose to recognize and embrace all your positive qualities, this is where you are able to understand the gifts you have that benefit you and others, so do take the time to list your personal qualities and skills, your experiences, physical and social resources, all your talents and anything else that you can possibly think of that will make you feel really good about yourself! Do add all the compliments that have received from others, as this will make you realize even more that you are a great person in so many ways than you thought no doubt the list will get quite long.

2. You are a great package

The more you realize that you are a great package rather than an individual item the better off you will be. Accept also that you are not perfect and never will be just like everybody else. We all have faults and flaws.See yourself as this desirable package that you are and take a picture of yourself with a big smile on your face and do post it on your bathroom mirror. So every time you do look at your smile it will make you think of all the positive characteristics that do define you.

3. Smile smile smile

That is right when we smile we get the feel good feelings that will lift our spirits, and boost your self of esteem. Even fake smiles work! So start smiling even if you have nothing to smile about, the more you smile the more your eyes will be bright and sparkle away for you. Of course others will see you as a bright bubbly and happy person. And of course you will be told this and it will make you feel good inside therefore boosting your self of esteem. So smile often and smile daily, trick your body into thinking it is happy with a smile.

4. Believe that you are competent.

The more you believe your are competent the more you will achieve. Do remind yourself of all the problems that you have faced and tackled. Do have faith that even if you cannot deal with a particular problem or issue that you will still be able to get the help and skills you need to deal with it all! Do take on new challenges so you can prove to yourself that you can rather than you cannot. Do pay attention to all your accomplishments regardless of how small or big. Reward yourself with a gift

5. Believe in your self worth

Do make yourself a priority and do whatever it is that you want to do, so give yourself permission to say no, do ask for what you want, and do be prepared to tolerate disappointing others for the sake of you realizing that you do count and you do need to make yourself a priority and take better care of yourself.

6. Have a good look in the mirror

It is time for you to have a good look in the mirror and admire and love what you see about yourself. Pick five things that you see such as your eyes, hair, feet, legs, smile, nails or lips, you can also pick things related to your style such as your clothing, stance, makeup, shoes, hairdo, or jewellery. You can also pick things from inside of you such as the way you sparkle, your spirit, energy, compassion or kindness. If you find that you are having trouble ask a friend to name five great things that you have to make you feel good about yourself. Do this exercise for a week and see the change in you.

In conclusion

We all at times can require a self of esteem booster that will pick us up quickly. The above tips and advice will help you boost it quickly. So do take note of the above and do apply it. Today is the day to boost your self of esteem with the advice above! DO IT TODAY!

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