Positive Affirmation Creates A Positive Spin On Your Life

When we choose to use positive affirmation within all aspects of our life, what will actually happen is that you will experience a positive spin in your life. After all what you are doing is manifesting a positive energy to come into your life and this is done through affirmations.

Positive affirmation leads to success

Positive affirmation leads to success

When a positive affirmation is created it gives definition and focus in your life, doing this will help you understand what you really want out of life.

This is where you will start to pro create even more positive things in your life and for your future.

By simply thinking better thoughts and stating that you will receive what you ask for it will manifest itself in some shape form or another.

Defining Affirmations and Do They Work

When we choose to make an affirmation we are setting up an energy to attract that to ourselves and into our life. We have to believe in and trust and reaffirm our positive affirmation to receive the full benefit off it.

It is pointless to quickly say to yourself a quick positive affirmation without putting any thought or effort into what you really want to manifest. All thoughts will bring in what they put out so be aware of your thoughts!

As we define what is, if only with our thoughts, our attention follows. What happens here is our create minds will start to look for the reality of things to match our thoughts, and then we start to notice any opportunities that will help lead us to our goals.

So once you define your focus you will begin to notice solutions in response. Affirmations refine your focus, help to generate creativity and, if you involve a spiritual element, they can even help to inspire real blessings.

What is really beneficial to do is mix your affirmation with a prayer , and when you do this so many of your goals will come to pass so much sooner. You can virtually begin to feel a shift into its possibility when you begin the affirming.

There is also something magical that will happen when your subconscious mind does capture your positive affirmations and positive thoughts.

When you spend time on negative  thoughts day in day out, all they will do is make you feel tired, lethargic and totally unmotivated.

Some Benefits of positive affirmations

  • Gaining a feeling and a belief that you have a Sense of Purpose in Life.
  • Having trust in your feelings and the belief that you will achieve the exact thing you are affirming in your mind.
  • You start to gain a more positive out look on life
  • You enjoy living day to day and in the moment as you are trusting and believe that you will manifest and receive.

The list is endless to all the benefits that can be attained through positive affirmations, and of course positive thoughts.

How to get started with positive affirmation

All you need to do is grab a pen or pencil also some flash cards. You could also google on the web for positive affirmations and positive quotes that you can use that you feel that suit you and are appropriate.

Do realize that everyone is unique as are their situations and thoughts, therefore you can get ideas from the net and then tailor them down to suit you and your personal circumstances.

It is also important that you do make an affirmation that is short enough that you can memorize very easily. Always make sure that you write the affirmation in the present moment.

What I find is good is to use one affirmation per week, until you find that the thought is now been effectively stored in your subconscious mind.

So be aware of what you write as an affirmation, make sure it is always in the positive.

As Buddha said, "What we think, we become." So, we might as well define and refine our thoughts, deliberately.


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