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Personal development growth with today’s society it has been found that people are partaking more of alternative ways of healing rather than accepting western medicine only.

With western medicine today it is known to be a great healer of symptoms rather than being able to get to the core of an ailment. It has also, very unfortunately become big business.

Personal development and growth helps your self worth and esteem

Personal development and growth helps your self worth and esteem

A healing modality that is making a very big come back is spiritual healing, which focuses on the cause of an ailment and not so much on the symptoms i.e. using medicines and surgery.

 So what is spiritual healing all about?

It is believed amongst spiritual healers that any sickness, injury or disease has a spiritual cause behind it. The cause must be treated as any treatment of symptoms will be of no use.

It is noted that spiritual healing is still not considered mainstream but supporters of western medicine have come to the point of admitting to phenomenas such as spontaneous remissions and healings, i.e. would be seen as miracles.

Scientists and many medical practioners alike are still wondering how all this can be possible… as the progression of quantum physics continues to evolve answers are becoming forth with.

 Body Mind Spirit Body… Spirit Connection

The mind/body/spirit connection operates on the principle that everything is energy, and various types or qualities of energy have the ability to positively or negatively affect the surrounding energy.

A patient’s state of mind can be the difference between healing and a long, drawn-out illness.

It is also known that the body also has an impact on a person’s emotional condition, so one must gain control of the mind and use the power of it for positive thinking and this is beneficial to healing.

But spiritual healing goes deeper. The success of healing via spiritual means relies on the patient’s belief that we are part of the Divine, not at all separate, but part of the vast ocean of energy that created everything, and IS everything.

The patient is taught to look within for the source of his or her illness, disease or injury rather than attributing it to external causes.

One of the first steps of healing that does come about is that an awareness becomes apparent that we are with the Divine. What it will teach us that we all can co create perfect health with the Divine.

Often so with spiritual healing an awakening occurs and is at times accompanied by various spontaneous healings.

Health – Having the knowledge that you can co create perfect health through the Divine source.

It has also been noted that spiritual healing does not rely upon a higher power to activate healing.

It is One-ness with that energy of Divine Universal Consciousness that gives us the same powers – except we are, for the most part, blind to that ability or refuse to believe it.


What you can do is visualise that every body is like a single drop in the endless ocean with no beginning or end.

So you most probably think where does it all begin and where does it all end.  You want to know about the rest of the ocean where it has begun from.  How do you separate one drop from the rest of the water?

By thinking about this you will realise that you are one and have the same strength as the ocean.

 “Everybody has the power to heal”.

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