No More Yeast Infections!

If you have persistent yeast infections read on

When you have a persistent yeast infection it can be frustrating. It itches in uncomfortable places plus it can be painful. You’d be hard pushed to find a woman who has never had one.

There are hundreds of people looking for a cure on the Internet every day, which is why so many websites have sprung up offering cures for the symptoms of yeast infection. The question is, of course, how are you going to know which of these websites offer a genuine cure, and which are out to make a quick buck?

I have found an excellent online guide and I thought you might like to know about it.

The site is called “Yeast Infection No More” and it’s by Linda Allen, a nutrition specialist and researcher. Most importantly, she used to suffer from yeast infections herself so she knows what we go through.

You can view her website here.

Below is my short review of her guide course. Here are the criteria I use for my reviews:

  • Are the ideas practical? It’s no good telling me I have to apply leaves from the Hoary Willow Tree for three weeks!!
  • There should be MANY reviews and stories from happy users. Does this guide actually work? You shouldn’t just take my word for it.
  • Is this author active in the health industry – she can’t be a random marketer out to make a fast buck. Does she know what she is talking about and actually help?
  • Does this guide cover the three most important aspects of a yeast infection? Why we get them, how to treat them and how to GET RID of them for good?
  • Must offer a “no questions asked” 100% money back guarantee. This shows the author absolutely believes in the effectiveness of her product and also believes that you’ll be satisfied.
  • Ease of use – The guide must be available to download instantly, and be easy to navigate and use.

Using the above criteria, I’ve been very impressed with Yeast Infection No More.

About the Book

Yeast Infection No More is an eBook and its 240 pages long. But don’t panic!! It sounds overwhelming I know but there are 2 reasons you can relax.

  1. First, you can choose which parts of the eBook you use to cure your yeast infection.
  2. Second, it’s set out in a straightforward way with step-by-step instructions so you can easily navigate to the chapters relevant to you. Linda Allen gets to the point fast – you aren’t going to have to read through paragraphs of irrelevant information.

The book is well designed and has a wealth of information. It looks professional, and it’s well written. The author who has published the work has clearly invested time and money which I think is a point in its favor.

The author is a woman called Linda Allen, who came up with this program after a long period of trying to cure her own yeast infection.  She explains how she was getting repeat infections with the usual symptoms itching, fatigue, discharge, muscle cramps and stomach problems. Sound familiar?

Over the counter and prescription anti-fungal drugs weren’t working for her, so she developed her own program.

This guide offers you relief in just 12 hours – and it works.

What exactly will you get in this book?

You get six chapters which deal with different aspects of candida.  The chapters cover different things so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

There is an introductory chapter which gives you the background of the author and how she cured her own yeast infection.

Valuable info on yeast infections and WHY we get them

The second chapter gives you valuable information on yeast infections and how they are caused. Most of us know that the fungus Candida is responsible, but there is more to a yeast infection. The interesting thing about this chapter is that the author covers the signs and symptoms that can develop in different parts of the body. You may have a perpetually runny nose that could be a yeast infection. This chapter covers why it’s not just thrush.

How Complementary Therapies Work

This chapter will also describe how complementary therapies are different from conventional medical approaches. Linda will also cover why over-the-counter medications may not work or why they may have stopped working for you.

If you’re worried that you might or might not have a yeast infection, chapter three will explain how to diagnose a yeast infection with 100% certainty. She gives you a number of diagnostic tests you can do at home (no embarrassing or expensive trip to the doctor) and some of them will indicate how severe your infection may be.

The REAL TREATMENT starts here

The real treatment of the yeast infection starts in chapter 4. This makes it easy to flick straight to the place you want to start and once you’re feeling better you can go back and read up on why you have thrush in the first place. (Which is what I did) This chapter won’t cure the yeast infection for good, but it will give you fast relief of the symptoms. The itching and discomfort were relieved almost immediately for me. The best thing is no matter where your yeast infection is – mouth, skin, armpits or vagina the symptoms will get under control.

A Mini Program for mild yeast infections

Linda calls chapter 5 the “Quick Results Mini-Program”. It’s a shorter, simpler program for the treatment of yeast infection than the one in chapter 6. This is for people who have a mild yeast infection.

The Big Bang For We Who Are Chronic

Chapter six is for those of us who are chronic and need an holistic program which will completely change the “flora” growing in our body and balance our internal system. If you change the balance in your body so Candida cannot live in it you will eradicate yeast infections for good!

Yes that’s right. Forever.

Because this is a big chapter it’s in two parts. The first part talks about the five steps for eliminating yeast infections. There are dietary changes and internal cleansing. There is also a list of supplements to take that will help kill Candida.

The second part of the chapter deals with boosting your immune system and offers techniques like stress reduction and lifestyle changes.

What's The Catch?

Anyone who tells you that this is easy to implement is lying. Candida is going to do anything it can to stay alive in your body, and this program is designed to kill it.

You are going to be moody, angry, emotional and craving sugars like nothing you have ever felt before. It’s HARD. But when you’re into the program and you get through a month without having a yeast infection you will see that its all worth it. I am not going to lie here. It took me more than one attempt to change my lifestyle and comply with the program outlined in this book. You have to throw out your emergency chocolate out of your purse. You can’t drink alcohol for a few weeks.

But there is no more itching. No more discharge. No more thrush. It was worth it for me. It’s definitely a lifestyle change. And I shed a few pounds too but that's a whole other story.

There are also a few bonuses you get, which include:

  • Complete Candida Yeast Cookbook
  • A complete handbook of natural cures
  • How and when to be your own doctor
  • The healing power of water

Some of the stuff here was a little strange for me, but the cookbook was a real prize. It had recipe ideas – and you’re going to love them to make a healthy lifestyle change.  It also gives you foods to watch out for and a good guide to food substitutions.

What problems does this course solve?

Not having to search out candida cures on line for starters

It really did cure my yeast infection. As long as you stick to it you’re going to be very happy with this book. And don’t panic thinking I am never going to enjoy ice cream again?? Once your body has eliminated Candida you can go back to enjoying the occasional sweet treat. Just don’t overdo it.

Who is this for / not for?

If you are ready to make some serious lifestyle changes – goodbye sugary donuts – you will get a lot out of this book. If you are open minded about holistic therapies you are going to love it.

If you’re looking for a quick fix then the instant relief section of the book will help you.

If you aren’t a fan of the holistic approach and you don’t want to make lifestyle changes then you aren’t going to get much out of this book. You’ll get a good education on why we get yeast infections and the chapter on instant relief will feel great but the total elimination won’t get results without effort from you.


This book DOES offer a money back guarantee – I think up until 60 days. If you don’t like what you’re getting from the book, you can just send them a quick email and they’ll send you your money back.

Exactly how to get the book:

All you have to do to get the book is go through the link below, then scroll down to a button that says “Click here to order” (There are a few of these buttons on the page) and you can get instant access.

Click here to get access to the course

After that, you’ll be forwarded to a secure form (which says ‘Clickbank Marketplace’ on it) to register.

After that, you’ll be forwarded a login / password and you will get access to the members section. Signup is very straightforward and simple.







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