Natural Cures For Thrush

What Is Thrush?

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by a fungus called Candida. This fungus normally lives on the skin, but in small numbers. When there is a balance, this does not cause an outbreak of thrush. However, in the right conditions (hot, moist & airless), these normally harmless bacteria will multiply and thrive.

What Are The Symptoms Of Thrush?

A discharge is the most common symptom of thrush accompanied by intense itching. The discharge is usually white and thick, but can also occasionally be watery. Other symptoms include redness, pain during intercourse, pain while urinating and discomfort in the vulva.

  • redness
  • discharge
  • itching
  • pain during intercourse
  • discomfort

Sometimes symptoms are mild and will clear up on their own, but usually you need to treat your thrush.
Thrush will not damage your vagina, and it will not harm your baby if you are pregnant.

If you suspect you have thrush, before trying any home treatments we advise you to see your healthcare professional.

Why Do You Get Thrush?

Firstly, almost all women will have a bout of thrush during their lives. Sometimes it develops for no reason, other women will find themselves susceptible to it and sometimes it is because the body’s natural defenses are altered. The following are all possible causes of thrush:

  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Diet
  • Too much alcohol
  • Course of antibiotics

If it is the first time you suspect thrush you should go to your doctor for a diagnoses. A vaginal discharge does not always mean thrush and you should take care if self-diagnosing.

Tips For Treating Thrush Naturally

There are many actions you can take to reduce your discomfort and treat thrush naturally. Apart from the douche, these can  all also be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical medicines.

  • Avoid tight fitting clothes
  • Loose fitting underwear
  • Natural fibers
  • No g-strings
  • Avoid tampons during menstruation
  • No perfumed products around the vaginal area – e.g. scented body wash
  • Insert live yoghurt into the vagina
  • Add vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to a warm bath and soak
  • Apply tea tree oil to the skin of the mouth of the vagina
  • Take a good pro biotic from your chemist or health food store
  • A douche
  • Take garlic tablets
  • Reduce sugar and alcohol intake

Natural Cures for Thrush – Recipe for a Natural Douche

Wash the vagina out with the douche for four consecutive days before you bath or shower. It is easiest to lie in the bath and lift your hips a little. Douche your vagina with the following recipe:

200ml warm water
1 teaspoon acidophiles powder (available from chemist)
30 ml apple cider vinegar
3 drops of tea tree oil (do not add if you are sensitive)

Mix all the above ingredients together and apply using a douche bag to your vagina. Another cheap alternative is to use a plastic tomato sauce bottle cleaned and emptied of sauce.

We always highly recommend seeking medical care from your doctor or pharmacist. Seek advice before applying any products to your body to treat thrush.

This article is for vaginal thrush only.

If you would like additional information on thrush, click here to read more from the National Health Service United Kingdom (NHS).

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