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Looking To Venture Into Your Own Enterprise And  Wondering What Job Opportunities There Are For Stay At Home Moms Then Read On And Find Out More About Moms Enterprise…

Ask any mother in the world if she’d rather work 40-50 hours per week and stick her child in a daycare somewhere, or if she’d rather be able to work from her home and spend a lot more time with her children.

Moms enterprise

Gift Baskets a great way to go to start your moms enterprise!

The figure is around 90%+ of mothers who would like this the other minority of mothers would prefer to work from home (WAHM) so they can be their to observe their children’s milestones and to be a positive force in their young lives. Possibly creating moms enterprise is the answer.

How is it possible to make a consistent income from home, though? It is quite simple really, and we are providing you with some great ideas within this article to assist you to become a Work At Home Mother (WAHM).

Instead of doing a traditional type of business which includes signing leases, purchasing equipment, staff hire, advertisement on radio and print plus other hassles, you can start a home business with little or no money. Obviously having a budget to start with can help, but it’s completely unnecessary for most things that you can start today.

Starting A Home Business

To start your home business there are two ways that you can do this you will have to be up front and decide what is best for you. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

If so, creating your own products or reselling the products of others might be the way to go for you. Perhaps you have a natural or taught skill, like writing, bookkeeping, or networking. If this is so, you could consider a service orientated business rather than selling your own services.

 Feeling Lucky?
You most probably came across newspapers and magazines where some mothers “got lucky” and they will earn in excess of tens of thousands of dollars per month from a website they built?

Well I am here to tell that little or no luck was involved in something such as this. Out of a 100 it is likely 99 times that the woman in question has had a plan, put endless hours upon hours of hard work, and was consistent and determined with her own efforts.

More than likely she had a schedule created, based on her business and her family needs, which she was able to establish a routine for each day as if she was doing a real job.

This is vital when choosing to freelance from home, if a schedule is not created for yourself then it will not be productive for you.

Offering Your Own Services

Take out a piece of paper or open up a word processor and make a list of any kind of service you’re good at.
Looking at your list, do you see anything on it that you would consider a personal strength?

What ever you would not be comfortable with doing for some one else then cross this off your list. You should have at least one thing left on the list by the time you’re done, and you probably have several options from which you can choose.

Let’s look at a few of the more common items that work at home moms will often try:

Budgeting - How adept are you at controlling the money and keeping expenses in check whilst also being able to put away money for your children’s further education?

If you are, are you aware of how valuable that skill is in today’s world? There are many families where you will find that the wife or husband have no ideas on how to plan for their futures.

You could offer up your own services and begin to teach others how to do their own budgets through counseling and even by showing them how to do it one-on-one.

Taxes – Are you good with taxes? Most states will require that you take a class and become certified before you can offer this service, but once you do you’ll be in rare company.

There is a lot of money to be made by doing other people’s taxes from the comfort of your home.

A lot of stay at home moms will make enough from January through mid-April that they don’t have to worry about working the rest of the year. Imagine how great that would be!

Life Coaching – If your friends are always commenting on how well put together your life is, perhaps you could become a life coach.

Teaching – I don’t mean for you to become a school teacher, but lots of people teach musical lessons from their home, or do arts and crafts classes for children, or any other number of similar activities. Just because you find it simple doesn’t mean people won’t pay you to learn how to do it!

Event Planning - Do you have an eye for design? If you can design party themes, bridal and/or baby showers, and weddings, people will pay top dollar for your help.


There is a fine line between becoming an entrepreneur and offering a service, with this article we will make a distinction: When offering a service this can be promoted part time and you can make as much as you like.

Starting your own business, on the other hand, should be looked at as a full-time endeavor from the beginning in order to become successful.

Here are a few things that you can do from home:

Desktop Publishing - If you’re handy with Microsoft Publisher or other similar pieces of software, you can design letterheads, business cards, and even do advertising for other people and companies.

Gift Baskets – $5 worth of materials at your local arts and crafts store can turn into a $25 profit if you know how to make a beautiful basket.

E-Books & Reports – People will pay top dollar for someone who is skilled at writing. I’ve seen people make as low as $0.01 for every word they write or as much as $1 for every word. It just depends on your confidence and your skill.


While my list isn’t meant to be even close to all-inclusive, I’m hoping it has your mental gears spinning with possibilities.

You had your children for a reason and there’s no reason you that you had to go through the pain of pregnancy and labor just to let a stranger raise them for you.

So figure out a service or business for “moms enterpries”  you can do and become the Work At Home Mom that you’d like to be!

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