Men Who Want Relationships

There Are Men Who Want Relationships That Last The Distance

Men would love to have a healthy relationship with a woman that they love and adore but there are certain qualities that they wish she could either tone down or deal with a particular quality that is undesirable. The reason for this is because they do want to stay in a relationship with a woman that they love.

Men who want relationships also want marriage

Men who want relationships also want marriage

There for it is important for you as a woman to look at these qualities and if you have these qualities then do consider changing them if you want to keep your man after all you would not like it if he had those qualities either.

Here we have the answers for you to explore when a man still loves his woman but he will still leave her if she won’t look deeper into herself and realize that this is not for them.

1. Cheating

When a man loves a woman and as happens in most cases if he finds out that you cheated on him then do not expect him to hang around. The true reason that he will leave you is not so much to do with jealousy but to do with the males ego. A man wants to be with a woman that will boost his ego rather than burst it and make him feel humiliated.

So if you have cheated on your man there will be consequences you could loose the best man you will ever have in your life. Possibly your excuse would be that you thought because  he cheated on you, you then decided to cheat on him. There is not much you can do to salvage a relationship if you cheated or he has cheated.

Another reason men will not go back to a woman that has cheated as they would be afraid that other men would find out and would feel humiliated and feel like a failure as a man.

2. Being dishonest

If you are a person that feels the need to hide things from your partner in the fear that he will find out and leave you, then you might as well fear that when he eventually does find out that he will leave you.

It is vital in any healthy relationship that partners choose to be truthful to each other regardless how painful it can be. Deception and lies will destroy any type of relationship, so it is best that you do stick to the truth

When your man becomes aware that you are a person that will speak the truth they will trust you each and every time. If he knows that you tell lies to others, then there is a good chance that he will have less belief in you.

So if you want a real relationship with a man then you should let him know certain things that you feel he should know in regards to your past, it is far better that they know rather than not knowing. You could possibly think why should you divulge, but you are entering a relationship and the goal in the end is marriage so if it is something that is important and you know that your partner should be aware of then it should be said, it also applies to him also.

A man has to feel that he is in a relationship that is trustworthy if there is no trust then the relationship will eventually end.

3. Jealousy

When a woman goes out of her way to make a man jealous it will create uncertainty in the relationship. A man will not see you as more desirable if he sees that you are flirting with other men. A man thinks that you are desirable because he chose you, not that you have chosen to flirt with other men.

When a woman constantly draws attention of other men then all this tells a man that he is not good enough and will feel humiliated.

When a woman does go out of her way to make a man jealous the only reason that she will do this is due to her own insecurities. Unfortunately a man will not see it that way. He sees the picture like this, am I proud to be seen with this lady or  do I hide away? If he wants to hide away a woman is deflating his ego.

4. Being indifferent

When a man sees a woman that he likes and approaches her, or when a man will date a woman, or when a man will enter into a serious relationship with a woman he will seek her approval to go to the next level of the relationship.

A man will not ask to go to the next level if he thinks that you will not say YES. He will not ask you to marry him as he knows that you will say NO. Men have sensitive egos and they do not want it shattered by getting a No answer.

You could have also read or heard that the way to get a man is playing hard to get and to show indifference this can’t be further from the truth. When you are showing a man that you do not approve of him he will not pursue you as he will feel that he will make a fool out of himself.

The reason for this is that it defeats the purpose to pursue a woman when there is no hope that it will develop into something more. Another reason is that it is a waste of time and a man that does want a serious relationship will walk away.

5. Displaying insecurity

When a woman shows that she is insecure this will in turn be a turn off for the man. Insecurities can be displayed in various forms such as seeking approval, fear of abandonment etc. It is these things that will subconsciously tell a man that a woman does not feel secure enough to know that he loves her and requires constant validation of his love for her.

If a man has these insecurities himself will welcome this type of behaviour. Such a man will see his woman’s insecurities as validation of his own.

6. Negative attitude

Throughout your life have you ever met someone that is always negative? They are not happy about anything and find fault and flaw constantly. They also speak badly about others behind their back and never have anything positive to say.

No one wants to be around someone that is constantly negative. We are more happy to be around people that are positive. If you are a person that dumps their load onto someone then the best advice I can give you is to seek help of sorts to help you become more positive about your personal self and your dating life.

7. Nagging and emotional drainage

There are women that will constantly nag about anything and everything, she will say it once and then pursues to bring it up over and over again. So the more the woman nags the more the man will ignore it.

Rather than nagging you can find a solution to the problem. This is the best way to resolve something.

8. A woman changes

It is true many woman change when they get married there is a saying that states “ a woman marries a man hoping he will change but he never does, a man marries a woman hoping she will never change, but she always does. So be the woman that he fell in love with in the first place.

9. No appreciation

A woman that takes for granted all what a man does for her and never bothers to say please or thank you.

When a man feels that he just can’t make a woman happy he will stop trying. If he does not hear words of encouragement and any words of appreciation he will not bother to try harder. A man is like a dog – he sits, he will get a treat. If you stop giving a dog treats then he will misbehave.

So always reward good behavior and show appreciation when warranted.

10. A woman no longer takes care of herself.

When a woman does not bother to take care of herself then a man will start to look longingly at other women. He will start to draw away from you and you cannot understand why.

It is simple he does love you but you are no longer looking after yourself  and he thinks that you no longer care for him as you are not bothering anymore to make yourself attractive or appealing. The sexual attraction is diminishing, and he will start to look elsewhere.

So do yourself a favour and start to look after yourself better and watch the difference as he will become attentive to you and once again he will become attracted to you.


So if you have been guilty of any of the above then it is time for change, and to start to look after yourself, not only will you feel better, but your man will appreciate this also. So be smart be wise go through the changes and enjoy the new attractive and beautiful you on the inside and outside.


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