Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

You Are Curious To Know Do Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women? Well Men Do Fall In Love Much Faster Than Women Do Read On To Find Out Why …

A common question that is asked by women of any age is do men fall in love faster than women  another question that is often asked  "Is my boyfriend/partner in love with me?"

It is true men do fall in love faster than women

It is true men do fall in love faster than women

There is a different take on what is not "love" and what is, and in answering the question, the word "love" will be used to be understood as romantic attraction and sexual chemistry.

For the majority of men the romantic and sexual chemistry attraction can occur in three stages, this can cause some confusion for women as we understand romantic attraction and sexual chemistry for most of us occurs in two set stages.

Initially when we first meet a man we consider that they do deserve an opportunity to try and make us fall in love with them.

Then secondly when we have sifted through our data i.e. what he failed to do and what he did, to allow us to fall in love with him.

Even though the process that we go through of "falling in love" occurs to us in two stages only, in all honesty it is harder for us women to "fall in love" than it is for males.

I am sure, this is news for some women, and even hard to believe for others. Here I will give you an insight on how easy it is to increase the chemistry with a man, in this way it will enable you to know what you working with and against.
 1. Within the first stage of "falling in love" for men is rapid:

That is fast and furious. What many of us women do not know is that men do fall in love at first sight even more so than what us women do.

It has been shown through research that the first fifteen seconds, a woman would have decided (sub-consciously) if she will give a man an opportunity for him to try and "make her fall in love" or not.

Within this same time frame, a man makes a decision whether he is "turned" on by how a woman looks or not.

Well yes I know, I know, that is all sounds so unfair. But despite our lofty notions of "appreciate human beings for their character rather than for their looks", nature has programmed our brains (more programming on men's brains) to select out and respond to stimuli as sexually compelling or repelling simply based on good reproductive sense – who is best suited to carry on our gene, and legacy.

While women use visual, emotional and safety (including financial) cues to assess a man's desirability, over 90% of a man's decision at this stage is purely based on visual cues.

When his eyes lock on to a woman for the first time, they lock on to her visual presentation. Whatever he recognizes as "suited to carry on his gene, and legacy", that's what he focuses on, admiring and lingering on its details.

There are men that will get their eyes glued onto boobs, others on booties, and others with legs etc. The physical features and any bouncy behaviors, health and vitality this will all place a woman ahead of the others.

And if you are attentive and not trying to delude yourself or force a relationship to happen, you will know when a man is visually attracted to you.

HE WILL TELL YOU – in ways that are specific, and also he will not be able to take his eyes off you.

Do know at this first stage, it is only pure sexual chemistry This is the stage where you are still considered dispensable and interchangeable.

You're still just another woman in the pack, and he is still very much attracted to several other women at the same time.

But just because this stage is very much based on "animal" instinct does not mean it is not very important.

You will know how physically attractive a man will find you by the amount of time he will choose to spend with you, and further into the relationship "looks" which will give confirmation to him again why he is so attracted to you.

If a man is not physically attracted to you, trying to make him "fall in love" with you is like trying to wake up a dead horse – you see and believe what you want to see and believe.

 2. In the second stage of "falling in love" where men are concerned he will start to see you as unique and special.

Of course there will be times where he will be visually attracted to other women, and you could be the women "with the less than perfect" body but he sees "something about you" and it drives him crazy.

It can be the way you talk or the way you laugh or the way you think or your enthusiasm and passion, or whatever it is you do that makes him think you must feel more deeply and experience life more profoundly and therefore you must be more delightful to be with.

When he is around you he will feel heaps more energized which this makes him feel great about himself and his life in general.
In this stage, just like the males counterparts in the animal kingdom, he will start to mark his territory. He will pay more attention to your needs, will spend even more time with you and will be overprotective if other men attempt to make a move on "his woman".

In other words, if you are with a guy who still wants to keep it "an open" relationship and does not mind you dating other guys, then he still has not reached this stage of attraction.

This makes him and you very much still available and up for grabs.  So you are wondering if there is anything you can do to intensify the attraction and speed up the process? The answer is yes. There are many things you can do, and discussing them requires me to write another article.

What it all boils down to that if you are positive i.e. happy, deep and moving, and not negative i.e. painful, stressed out, dull and oh so full of yourself experiences that are shared between you, then there are chances that he will look forward to future with you with positive feelings.

3. In the third stage of "falling in love"

This is where a man has convinced himself, that he is a happier person and feels fulfilled with his life, than when he was by himself.

To him it feels like he is with the right woman at the right time, and when it gets to this stage you will not need to ask the question "is he in love with me?" as you will know.

He will be able to declare to you how he really does feel with NO problems.

Also the words "I love you" might not be told to you constantly, but he will still get his point across.

He is that attracted to you that he does want to get the breeding process or if he is past the "breeding" stage, then it points out that he is attracted to you to the point he wants to "settle down".

Do understand that this stage and time "settle down" does not imply marriage to many people but what it states is "I AM WITH THE ONE".

When you get the feeling that "I AM WITH THE ONE" this is not the same as when the man feels he "needs" you.

This where you will do yourself a great favor and make the decision here and today, that you can exercise your power of choice to have what you do want and you will stop wasting you time, emotions and energy on relationships that are going no where fast.

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