Main 3 Things Men Want In A Relationship

Men want more than just sex in a relationship

Men want more than just sex in a relationship

Are you curious to know what things men want in a relationship with a woman that they are in love with? They do not ask for much and really want to be shown appreciation, affection, and acknowledging that you love them for who they are. Now that is not asking for much is it? Of course when they are getting all this from a woman that they love well they will want sex and plenty of it with her, if on the other hand she doesn’t show this to him, his sexual interest in her will fade away and he will start to look elsewhere for a woman that will appreciate him, show him affection, and love him for who he is not his assets!


It is true the more you appreciate the things that your man does for you the more he will want to do for you, if you do not show that appreciation in time he will walk away from you as he will lose interest in a person that never appreciates anything he does for her.


He might be all tough on the outside but men are jelly on the inside they crave to receive your attention and affection towards them. This shows them that you care enough about their well being and emotional state that they are in and simply to say that you love them. There is no need for you to go overboard in showing your man affection as this could be a turn off, rather be flirty with your affection, or a nice warm hug from time to time just to say I love you or as a thanks for something that he did for you, will be appreciated from him. So do show him the affection he craves from time to time but whatever you do make sure that it is genuine and not fake so you can get your way in something!


When you can acknowledge a man for his true worth then he will treasure you for the woman you are, when a woman is able to make her man feel that he is a worthwhile male and that he does it for her in more ways than one well she will become his queen and he will never bother to look else where.

Giving him compliments and acknowledging his achievements and encouraging and supporting him in any of his endeavors will make him feel that he is well supported and loved by you, this of course makes him want to even achieve that much more for himself and for you too. This is where he will really strive to make a difference to your lives together.

It is not all about sex

Of course it is true that men love sex and men want sex regularly or when the urge takes them, and you are always ready willing and able makes him a very happy man indeed but if you do not give him the above what will happen in time is his attraction for you will fade away sometimes rather rapidly, or over time. And when this happens well you guessed it the relationship will end either him walking out on you or he ends up having an affair. So treat your man right and you will always have him in your life. The more right you do by him the more right he will do by you. But always remember to put the fun and flirty ways into all that you do together, men love you as their own personal cute little flirt!

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