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self esteemAre You Suffering From Low Self Esteem?

Reaching your potential in life is one of the most important goals for most people, however most people don't take action. Generally the cause of this can be due to a lack of confidence and self esteem. When this is missing it becomes hard to achieve anything. More than likely you are reading this article either because you can relate to it or you know of someone that does. Either way this article is important for you to read, it'll give examples and briefly cover the difference between self-esteem and self confidence, as well give you a broad idea of how you can improve from it.

What is the difference between self esteem and confidence?

Esteem and confidence are two different ideas and really should be spoken of separately and also collectively, they are generally interlinked and one generally impacts another greatly.

  • Self-esteem in a nutshell is how one feels and thinks about ones self. It is, in a sense, your feeling/appraisal of self worth and separated from external aspects.
  • Self confidence is about external factors. i.e. behaviour, and relates to feelings regarding encountering scenarios and talking before others. It boils down to self trust of your personal capabilities and your ability to learn. 

As pointed out before they are different, self esteem is connected to feelings and thinking internally and confidence relates to external factors. You can experience these on a broad spectrum of low to high i.e. confidence and esteem.

High Self Confidence

To be completely confident within yourself can be good, and you see this in go-getters and self starters, people that can display ideas of their own and are hard to intimidate. People who are dare devils have extremely high levels of self confidence, and in their minds fear is just another challenge that they will complete.
People with high self esteem are usually seen as arrogant. In most cases these people do not see themselves as superior only that they value their self worth. When self esteem is healthy it leads to self confidence.

Low Self Confidence

On flip side of the coin are those with extremely low self-esteem and thus lack of confidence. When we do not have much self worth in attaining other peoples attention it will affect your mental state. When loss of self esteem is experienced people may suffer from mental disorders or depression.
When you lack self confidence it makes it hard to accomplish things as you re experience the negatives such as criticisms, set backs etc they seem to come to the fore. When people are confident they do not place emphasis on those things, they continue on with their plan. Once you start to worry the focus is lost and failure is experienced, then the emotions and behaviours that are negative are further instilled. It's difficult to break free of this cycle.

Demands of Society

We human beings are always on the lookout to improve ourselves. Our society has created standards of what is the norm and what isnt. People can experience pressure from their communities when they are experiencing bouts of low self esteem, they are expected to be able to deal with it on a better level. Any person that experiences this can then cause even more problems for them.
When you have experienced low self esteem you become a thought field of worry and neurotic thinking. You might think that if a person is looking at you they do that because you appear silly to them. I am talking the right way? and more question along these lines run through the thoughts, rendering you into a state where simply communicating is tough.
When we see others interacting with people that appears normal we put pressure on ourselves to do the same. To be honest there are people that do to a point also suffer from self consciousness and doubt, all they are doing is putting on a front. So by being aware of this it should make it easier for you to stop worrying and filling your thoughts with negativity.

Its in your mind – You CAN Break Free

The cycle of low self-esteem reinforcement as described above is a catch 22 situation. As each failure is experienced your confidence and self esteem start to diminish and an increase in negativity is the result as you set new tasks you will fail once again. The cycle is hard to break and is destructive.
And there is more. All of this negativity is more than likely to lead to problems with depression, affecting all aspects of life. In effect it will affect you in regards to family and friends, hobbies and other areas of your life. When this happens it becomes even more difficult to break free from the cycle because when you are depressed simply attempting to do anything becomes a challenge in itself. So the less you do the less the chance of you being able to do something that will achieve a result. And the less you take any action the more use to inaction you become, making taking action feel even harder and alien. There are alternatives. What is required is a friend that does understand you and what you are experiencing and can be a mentor. When you are in this cycle it is good to have someone to help you out so it can be broken. So once this help is to hand you can start to break the cycle and you will find that you are getting somewhere. With some practice you can begin to regain the healthful inner self you were born with, and rebuild your self confidence. Going through this process is useful and a very important lesson. When you have reestablished inner self you will avoid repeating the cycle and plan better for your well being.
Gerald McIntyre suffered from low self-esteem during his teenage years, as a result he also lost a lot of confidence to pursue the things he enjoys the most. Gerard has worked hard to regain what he lost and has assisted many others with similar issues.

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