Loveless Relationship With Oneself

Experiencing a Loveless relationship with yourself ? Time to start loving you more than you love a man.

Do you feel that you have more love for the man you are with than what you have for yourself? You are giving him all this attention and caring to the point where you feel constantly tired and are experiencing the burnt out feeling? You are in a loveless relationship with yourself.

Loveless relationship with oneself is not healthy for you.

Loveless relationship with oneself is not healthy for you.

You feel disappointment when he will not do what you expect him to do. Then it is becoming obvious that you are not giving enough to yourself and your relationship with yourself is suffering due to putting a relationship with a man above the relationship that you have with “YOU”.

Here we have 3 great self loving rules that will help you to become the most important person in your life.

Self love rule 1: Put your own happiness first

When women get into a relationship with a man they do their best to please him. They go to great lengths to be nurturing and giving in the relationship.

They will go to great lengths to please him. Even cooking a three course meal, whizzing up his favourite dessert. Pampering the man to the extent that you are missing out on doing things for yourself.

What you are actually doing is sacrificing yourself to accommodate his needs and wants.

Sure happiness is about giving, but are you giving so much more than what you give to yourself, and you are left feeling tired and resentful?

So do remember when you are in love with a man PUT YOUR OWN HAPPINESS FIRST. When you do things that make you happy you will become more energized and are able to give more of yourself to him.

So realize in the same breath you will become more joyful and fun to be around which your partner will appreciate.

When you put your own happiness first this basically means that you do know what does make you feel good and then decide upon your actions based around them.

Of course be always willing to compromise in the relationship but do not do things that will make you feel resentful and unhappy.

Self love rule 2: Accept who you are as an individual

When people spend time together a lot as a couple, it becomes more difficult for them to identify with being their own individual self. Women find this easy to do as they are busy accommodating the male in their life.

It is important that you do take time out for yourself to do what you want to do and to reflect on who you are and who you have become. Knowing and accepting that you are an amazingly beautiful and intelligent, smart and creative unique person is important.

Do realize that any flaws, fears and any challenges you face in life you  are still a worthy person  and worthy of love and being loved. You have to be able to make decisions for yourself on what does bring you happiness and joy to your life.

Do your best to learn how to overcome any personal obstacles and do your best to lead a more fulfilling life that you are meant to live. Having self awareness opens the door to self acceptance and self loving.

Self love rule 3: Keep learning from your life experiences

By loving yourself and putting all your needs and happiness first is not that easy. You do have to practice and learn from any past unloving behaviors. You are aware of when you are not engaging in self loving behaviour when any decision or action leads you to feeling unsatisfied. When this happens then you will experience self pity and blame.   

Experiencing these emotions will not change your reality all they will do is make you feel lousy.

But you can change these patterns and you can learn to live from any mistakes that you have made, do make the decision to love yourself from this day forward. It will take time but you will get better at putting your needs and happiness first.

You do need to keep practicing on being able to love yourself more than a man. It is always ongoing to treat yourself with love and respect.

If you are able to love your partner, pet and others unconditionally, why can't you do the same for yourself?

Do your best to start to love yourself more than a man. By doing this your partner will appreciate this as he will see a person that appreciates, respects, and knows their self worth. He will be attracted to these qualities of yours more than ever. As these qualities are what you call true inner beauty. 

So do make the decision today to love yourself more than a man. This way you will no longer feel disappointed or resentful towards him.

You will simply enjoy being the most important person in your life, with feelings of joy and happiness throughout your day.


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