Love Romance Dating – 5 Signs A Man Is Serious About A Woman He Is Dating

Enjoying Love Romance Dating With The Man That You Are With Now? Well Here Are 5 Signs A Man Is Serious About A Woman He Is Dating

You have met a man and you are enjoying the love romance dating that is happening between you. You want to know if he is serious with you and you look for signs that he is.

Love romance dating is he the one?

Love romance dating is he the one?

When a woman constantly demands where they stand with a man some will reassure and say that they are there for the long haul.

There are the exceptions, men who ultimately cave when pressured incessantly, but these relationships do not last. I do know of a person who will state "They will not stop trying till they snag him and he is theirs".

She will pursue the guy relentlessly and it ends with her being deceitful in some ways.

Playing hard to get or to be alluring and a bit of a mystery is of no interest to her as she doesn't believe in that.

In the end, she ends up with disappointment. What happens is that the men work it all out and they then stay away. What females need to understand is that men are a no nonsense breed.

What it is it is. Men do not really play hard to get, and they do not cause confusion as females tend to. If you are unsure if his intentions are sincere here are a few signs that you've snagged him.

1. He calls on the phone.

If a male thinks that things are getting a bit tense in a relationship, and there is something that does not feel right… they will give you a call and will try to find out what it is about. If you have gone out on a few occasions you might get this feeling that he could be the one, but you are finding it difficult to reach him.

Then it could be wise for you to take a second look, and possibly move on before you hang yourself out to be dried. If you find it difficult to reach him then he is not interested in you.   Many men do know is that if they do call you then they are showing an interest in you. Unless he is shy and afraid when dealing with women, he will call you. So after you have been on a few dates, and the real connections and feelings have been formed, then be aware that men will make efforts to keep in contact with you. He will give you a call to tell you "Hey I was just thinking about you, so I thought I would give you a call".

So if a man has a problem where he is shy or feels intimidated, then for sure you do not want to be the one that has to train for any of his future girlfriends benefit … now would you?

2. Any family activities he attends he will include you.

He invites you to places with friends or family. If he is including you in activities with those close to him, he wants you to be a part of his life.Why would you ever bother to take a person that you do not care about to meet your family? Then, when your family ask about her later, put up with all their questions. For a man meeting the family is a big deal to him, and within their minds it is a huge step. So, if you played scrabble with Mom and Pops on "Saturday Scrabble Day", their weekly ritual, he thinks you are definitely girlfriend material.

3. He will be open about you leaving some things at his place.

If he tells you to leave changes of clothes,toiletries, makeup etc.  at his home then this is his way of telling you that he is committed to you. But if he keeps your things in a box down in the basement where everything is set like a labyrinth and it is all to be cleared out then it is possible that he could be hiding the relationship from someone else.If your things are not in plain view, or where anyone who stops by to visit can easily discover them, he is not taking your time together seriously. Or there is worse, there is somebody else that he does care for, and you are playing a part to help him stray. So do consider this if you are able to drop your sparkly pink toothbrush next to his one then you are most definately in.

4. The car he has he lets you drive it.

And the reason for it is not because he has been drinking. And he is not a passenger in the car.If he happens to drive a car with no backseat as it was stolen and if the rear window happens to be covered with saran wrap then this does not count. You probably should not be driving that car anyway. This is for the guy who adores his car, spends hours waxing it, and takes great pride in caring for it. If he gives you the keys to his prize possession, and not because it is a matter of life or death (a designated driver), you have been deemed trustworthy. What he is showing you here is that he has total trust in you, and of course the keys to the apartment will soon follow.

5. He states that "I love you" and no sex is in sight.

If you are walking down an isle at the local market and he stops you to say "I love you", he really does.Men get overcome with emotion in the sack but this short lived and in the throws of passion, it isn't wise to put all of your faith in his words.Men, are like a valve that will release when the pressure has built, this is the same for sex, but also for feelings and love. It is all about actions that count not the words where men are concerned. Lets put it this way if it happens to be a random and unpredictable moment where he chooses to express his feelings for you, and there is nothing to gain in the near future, then for sure he means it.There are exceptions to this, but this applies if you are unsure at the dawn of a relationship.So if you have been together for a period of two months and you are in bed with him and he tells you that he loves you do listen to him. Some men could take a whole year to utter the words.

Whenever he expresses his undying love for you see it in which context he chooses to express it. Never say "I love you" first. Ever.He could genuinely love you, start to feel scared and feel like things are going way out of control. Out of his control, that is.If it has been a long time that you have been together, then you should be aware if he does love you. If you don't, then you have bigger fish to fry.Every day you will come across women that have had their hearts broken by men they chose to trust.Those who have thrown caution to the wind and ended up being blown off or tossed aside, could have lessened the blow if they guarded their hearts just a little.  Men can be influenced by many things that can effect how they view a budding relationship. Friends, family, past heartbreaks, and fear of commitment.

Let them express themselves naturally, and without pressure.

If he isn't talking about his feelings all the time, that doesn't mean he doesn't possess real feelings for you.

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