Living Frugally Is Easier Than You Think

The need and the desire to live frugally does have its advantages in todays society. It will help you keep debt free and on top of that you will accumulate savings for better days to come.

There are more benefits to living frugally than you think and it can be an enjoyable adventure for all the family. If single this is the way to go to a better quality of life. By choosing to be frugal you are not wasting your hard earned money, rather you are investing into a bigger and better future.

Here we have some great tips that you can follow if you wish to help you get starteeed on living frugally.

1. One Car

By choosing to have one car it will be less expensive to maintain, where as some families will opt to have more than one car, which adds pressure to the family budget. So give it a go and try and accommodate the family living with one car only.

2. A smaller home

Choosing to have a smaller home that still accommodates everybodies needs is a far better option to have than a large home, where you end up with a lot of vacant rooms. If you de clutter your home, this will make more room and then you will be able to live in a smaller home.

3. Used items

These days it is bette to replace many of your household goods with second hand goods. You can find great bargains and items that are in great condition. You could even sometimes obtain things for free by advertising your need. You could also go to garage sales, thrifty shops etc.

4. Eat out less

When you choose to eat out it can cost a lot of money and as you are well aware eating out these days is not cheap, also the quality is not like it used to be. It is far better and healthier if you choose to cook your own meals. If you do choose to eat out then invest in  checking out savings coupons for your local eateries. You could also pack a lunch for work rather than choosing to buy your lunch.

5. Library

Rather than buying books, dvds, magazines, children’s educational toys and cd’s you can get them from your local library as they do have a great assortment for you to pick from. There are also various toys that you can borrow from the library. So do go and check out what your local library has on offer for you and the family.

6. Garage Sale

De clutter your home and have a garage sale, you would be amazed at all the extra free space you will end up with but on top of that what you will also find is that you will earn some extra cash. Your trash could turn out to be someones treasure.

7. Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Choosing to quit smoking will help save you a lot of money also choosing to drink alcohol in moderation will also give you an opportunity to save money.  It is great to have your social drinks but just cut out the habit if it is on a daily basis.

8. Credit cards

Get rid of any credit cards you may have. It is not good to have as the interest you pay does build up so if you do need to have a credit card then make sure that you are wise when using it.

9. Convenience foods

When it comes to convenience foods such as frozen foods, microwaveable foods, junk food, that is anything that is packaged and prepared for your convenience is usually more expensive than what you can cook yourself. So try and cut down on these type of foods.


So to live frugally can be easier than you think, there are many ways that you can save on costs, you can sit down with your family and think of other ways in which you can further save on costs. Make it a fun thing to do, so your children will learn the value of true living. After all our ancestors lived frugally as it was a way of life.


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